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Nokia Sports Tracker makes me the fastest man on Earth!

I installed and used for the first time the Sports Tracker application on my N95. Went on fine, eventually found a sat and so off I ran. Finished my 2 mile jog and reviewed the data only to find I somehow ran at 45 MPH or 75 KPH! I know I'm good, but I've only been jogging this route for two weeks, so didn't expet such a performance increase yet.

Has anyone else had any spurious read-outs from Sports Tracker? To be fair, it's the first time I've used it and can't wait to use it again to see what it comes up with.

Ciao for now,

p.s. if you want to try to find me on i also use Fluffer on there, so theoretically you should be able to search for my performance of the year!

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Mate, your speed is nothing!

Myself, after 20mins walk, when I uploaded the kml file from NST to Google Earth I saw on the map that I went all the way to South East China and back in a minute!!

Beat that!

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Damn thats quick, looks like I'm beat!

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haha yeah, thats some good running/walking.

I got a fair few spurious readings too on my runs, using an external GPS unit seems to work a little better but its something else to carry... so not practical... Nike+ was the way forward from that point.

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Meh, I got 175mph once (this was from 3dtrack).

I find its to do with when it loses the signal then gets it again, it doesn't consider that it has been lost and just calculates your position between the last few, which are far apart.

I find that it assumes sometimes I am going that speed in the same direction for the amount of time it lost, showing a large straight line to various places in other continents as rottie says too.

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I've been using Sportstracker for my cycling but when i post the address to my profile for others to go to they get sent back to the Sportstracker home page.My profile is there as if i log in i can see it and edit it.
Any one else have this problem?
Other than that it's a great bit of software.


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