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Switching from P900 to P910i

I am sure that this question has been asked several times before on these forums so I apologise but I have done several searches and have scrolled back through quite a few of the pages looking for answers and haven't founf anyhting.

I am upgrading from an Orange P900 to a Vodaphone P910i. What is the easiest way of getting all my programs, settings ect onto my new phone? Is it as easy as backing up the p900 and restoring to the p910i?

I assume that this won't overwrite the P910i OS.

I also want to get rid of the Vodaphone Logo and the horrible theme that the P910i comes with. In fact I want it to look jsut like my P900.

Only thing I want to keep is the additional bluetooth profile (why I bought the phone wo it'll work in my BMW) and use the keyboard.

Hope someone can help.



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There is no sure fire way of getting everything onto the P910i other than to do it manually. You can, obviousy, get your Calendar, contacts notes etc. accross by synching. However, as for internet and e-mail settings, e-mails and texts, there are all sorts of ways of fiddling it, but it's only worth the effort if you have loads of them and they are very important.

Personally, I would synch with your favourite PIM to get most stuff accross and then re-install your apps, set up your e-mail etc from scratch and not bother with e-mails and texts. That way, you'll end up with a nice, clean stable phone at the end of it. Remember, even if you manage to get all your apps over somehow, you'll still have to go to the effort of getting new registration codes. If you're going to do that, you might as well just install them from scratch.

Technology eh?

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Exclamation P910 - BMW Bluetooth Compatibility

Originally Posted by Roaders
Only thing I want to keep is the additional bluetooth profile (why I bought the phone wo it'll work in my BMW) and use the keyboard.
I'd like to share info re compatibility of your P910 and your BMW. I have, to date, mixed results but am trying to find out with which models is the P910 compatible.

Please let me know which car you have and whether the tests are successful, so that I can share it with others, and we can troubleshoot together. I have ordered my P910 and plan to receive and test it next week on my 6 series (645Ci), which should provide info re compatibility of current 5 and 6 series BMWs (models E60/63/64).

I am getting conflicting reports, and am trying to relate with which systems the P910 is compatible:

WORKS with current BMW 5 and 6 series (same platform):
I know of one current 5 series owner that just reported that the P910 works in his car.

WORKS with Sony HCB-300:
(SioComms) Installed a P910i with the new Sony HCB-300 kit the other day to a 3 series and it worked flawlessly

DOES NOT WORK (BMWland tester reported failure, but uncertain on which model he tested - I'm checking):
(airax) P910 - doesn't work. It pairs fine, but does not download the phone book.
When you try an call, it disconnects from the car.

Conclusion: From this, it appears that the P910 may be compatible with some of the BMW BT systems, and not with others (irritating). I can understand why this is so (different hardware, different software, probably even different manufacturers inside) ... but it is confusing and frustrating.


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Thumbs up P910i Does work with Bluetooth U-Connect

I have a Dodge Magnum with Bluetooth U-Connect and the P910 works well with it, no problems at all. The P900 did not work.


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