All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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Are you restricted to having just one screen of widgets, or can you have many?
Phone History
Please support my suggestion for Gravity!! - Add cut/copy/paste for when N97 is open

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Are any of the animations from CES 2009 or the original N97 demo video present in the phone? There was a lot of emphasis on transition effects in the "experience" video and while I knew the N97 team certainly had the goal to put them in, I was extremely skeptical that they could pull it off, especially without graphics acceleration.

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Is internet radio implemented into the music player like the n96 or will we still be waiting for a s60v5 version of nokia's internet radio app?

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N97 firmware and debranding

You talk a lot in your great "audio unboxing" podcast about big changes through future firmware updates.
Presumably most people (who can't afford sim-free phones) will not benefit from these unless they take the risk of de-branding the phone? Or has Nokia come up with a way of separating out their own updates from the Carrier's tweaks?
If not, do we know whether NSS will work to change to product codes on an N97, and can you publish a list of product codes ( or at least your UK sim-free product code of your own device) ?.


1. How do you reckon this device will connected to a powered car cradle? Isn't the power socket on the top left when in portrait mode. Not great for a powered car caradle - unless the device will re-orient the screen to function upside down, so that the power socket is at the bottom right?
2. Does RealPlayer still pause if it's not the application in "focus"? This is very annoying in s60 3.1 when listening to RealAudio files - you can't use the device for anything else at the same tim.
(3. Thank goodness Nokia have taken my advice with 5th Ed phones and put voice dialling as a long press of the call key! So much better than using the soft key on the N95).

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Question on N97

On one of the Nokia preview videos, there was a cool bit where (with auto-rotate turned on), the phone was rotated and all the widgets on the homescreen rotated independently. (I suspect this will only make sense if you can remember the video). Does it do this in 'real life'?

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n97 keyboard

what is it about the n97 keyboard you dont like besides the space bar being off to the side?
when texting do the keys go down significantly enough to get a satisfying click or are they pretty shallow and its sometimes tough to know if youve clicked a key?

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How droppable is the phone? Wrist stap/case?

I have an E61i which with it's metal case survives my occasional drops on to a stone floor no problem, unlike other phones I have had. Is the N97 less "droppable"? A case would probably be necessary (ugh!)?
There is no hole for a lanyard/wrist strap is there, which would be another solution?

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Steve, can you please PLEASE compare the loudspeaker volume DURING A CALL compared to the 5800 and the n95? the n95 had the VERY BEST speakerphone on a call. how is the n97? also how is the music volume?

loudspeaker is one of my very highest priorities on a phone. i'd like to know. thanks.

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Originally Posted by jparrot99 View Post
There is no hole for a lanyard/wrist strap is there, which would be another solution?
The User Guide shows an attachment point for a wrist strap at one end. It says you remove the back cover to attach the wrist strap, then replace the cover.

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> Is the magnetometer output included in the GPS data so that any GPS-aware application will benefit from it?
I think you have misinterpreted this question (or I've misinterpreted your answer). My guess is that the parent poster wanted to know if the GPS heading data in GPS packets comes from GPS or comes from the magnetometer. It should be trivial to test it with any GPS app not specifically written for N97 which shows heading. If you rotate without displacing and the app works ok then for sure it's included.

My two cents

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Email Client

What is the email client like? Does it support HTML?

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hi, has the contact look up process been improved upon vs the 5800? spelling out a contacts name with the constantly changing keyboard on the 5800 drove me to sell it....quickly. this would be a deal killer for me. thanks

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Web Link N97 FM Transmitter,Sound, Compass, Stylus, iPlayer

N97 FM Transmitter - works very well and is simple to set-up and use.
Used 90.0FM with the car stereo. Even transmits with RDS so the RDS receiver displays 'NOKIA' when they are on the same frequency. It is a little quieter than normal radio stations but that's what volume is for.
Sound quality is improved on the N97 (compared with a N82) using the headphones supplied (will test with Bose QuietComfort® 3 headphones)

USB charging is extremely useful to me and is quick to charge.

Nokia Map Compass - using the application, if you calibrate the compass (figure of eight motion) - the compass quickly goes from red to green, now the map in 2d or 3d will rotate with you and always points north.
downside (or suggestion) is no 'satellite status' which on the N82 shows you the strength of the satellite signals is useful for getting a fix.
Altitude also required.
Yet to find Nokia Sports Tracker for the N97. soon?

Stylus is shown here.
more coming soon (mapping, gps, and geotagging photos)

BBC iPlayer works on N82 and N97 using SkyFire (wifi connection recommended)


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Sync between Calender & Contacts

Hi i want to know if adding the birthday or any anniversary date in a certain Contact's details automatically adds them to the calender function? i think this synchronization between contacts and calender is a very useful function as one doesn't have to manually go to Calender to add such details.

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i guess i got 3 questions how good is the audio has it bn improved or is it at the same level as 5800. And u said it plays all mp4 what is it lyk on the screen is it lyk the n96 4 playback and sound. And last question. How fast is it on web lyk youtube thankz guyz.


n97, nokia, page, qanda

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