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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
where do I get it??? I tried with the nokia software updater, but it shows I have the latest version(12.0.013) and it won't get the 20.0.015??? what should I do???
Look above .. i did post a material for ppl having the same problem as you.

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Fring - Find me feature / 20.0.015

Fring "Find me" -feature has NOT BEEN WORKING after this firmware update.
Otherwise fring works but not Find me feature.

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Nokia N95 - for a few

Firmware upgrade not available for my Nokia 95 (RM-159) product code 0551963.
How long we have to wait? What about battery life improvements?

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Nokia N95 - for a few

Firmware upgrade not available for my Nokia 95 (RM-159) product code 0551963.
How long we have to wait? What about battery life improvements?

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V20 Upgrade

You can indeed upgrade straight from V11 to V20, I wasn't given a choice, as far as I know it always upgrades to newest version.. Probably 'cause Nokia only want to support new firmwares.

Not had a chance to play with it yet, I was just reading the thread whilst I was upgrading.

Also, does anyone else HATE 'Search'? I always remove it!

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i havew just upgraded from v11 to v20 without sny problems.
Wicked difference!

Would recommend the upgrade

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Play youtube videos?

Can the N95 play youtube videos in the web browser after this update?

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Thumbs up Firmware 20

This release has certainly sped things up ten fold, the camera facility on firmware v12 was really slow.... not any more though.
I would advise anyone to do this, well worth it. just to add to that I would recommending wipping Sd Card at the same time as it cleans everything up then.


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Gave up Waiting, De-branded the mobile to update to v2

I gave up waiting for O2 UK to approve the firmware as it seems ridiculous that they hadn't approved even the v12 update. Just Google for debrand N95 and you'll find out how to do it. It's well worth the effort (which is quite trivial).

It's funny that O2 supports every Apple iPhone update the minute it comes out, but won't support Nokia updates in the same way.

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Deezer Dee
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Angry Doesn't Work For Me :(

I decided to use the nokia updater & it said that my phone was running version 11.0.026 and that it was the latest version :S What's going on there??????

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Unhappy headset issues after update to V20

V20 firmware update did all that was promised, BUT, the headset multimedia buttons no longer work nor does the mic when making a handsfree call with the headset. Have noticed this bug starting to be reported on various forums. Guess we can look forward to a new version soon( I hope!!)

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Angry v20 has problems

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
After upgrading to Version 2.blah

Option to "Create Muvee" has disappeared for me and also Voice Dialing gives an error "Voice System Error"

Can someone here confirm if i'm on my own with this one before I go through the firmware reload path.

yeah i have the exact same problems with my N95 after upgraded to v20 and now the theme short cut and "create muvee" option has disappeared completely off my unit. i've tried re-updates it like 5 times already but nothing seem to work. now i cant do jack with my pics and videos. since it has more RAM now it should be an excellent tools to process movie but NOOOO its gone!

can anyone help somehow?
the other issues are when ever i plug the phone into the computer and the head phone at the same time. it just somehow freeze and you cant do anything else but praise to god and have to take the battery out to jump start it back to live.

and sometimes when you plug the headphone when you charging the phone, it somehow restarting itself or when pluging in the headphone it suddenly restart.
and the other problem is the microphone of volume is somehow is quite low in this version. When i'm making a call to people, they seem to have problem hearing me and tell me to speak louder when i am speaking real loud.

these are the problem that i've encounter. Also it is seem that the video recording quality is show how reduced compared to the previous firmware.

gime some solution:

thank guys

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Talking Wowow

I am upgrading now ... and i have sameer's RotateMe i can sign for any just email me


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