All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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Article and new photos

New Sendo X details revealed

News by Michael Oryl (editor) on Wednesday November 26, 2003.

Sendo X
At a press conference earlier today, Send released many additional details regarding their upcoming Sendo X smartphone, based on the Nokia Series 60 platform.

Sendo was touting many of the improvements that they claim to have made to the Series 60 platform. The list is quite long and is certainly impressive. First up, the display. The Sendo X sports a larger than normal display, one that has a resolution of 176x220 pixels, making it 12 pixels taller than the typical Series 60 display. This added height is used for a status bar that is displayed even while you are navigating the menu system, allowing you to see message icons, signal strength, and other things you usually find in a phone's standby screen. Additionally, the display uses a dedicated graphics processor, named GraphiX. This will, supposedly, allow it to do things such as capture video at 30 fps when acting as the camera's viewfinder.

Speaking of the camera, the Sendo X's VGA capable camera will be sporting one of the first flashes in a handset. The flash will even support some sort of red-eye reduction, though we don't know the details of that. Also on the multimedia front, the ability to play stereo MP3 files and produce 64 voice polyphonic sounds is sure to please a lot of folks. Top that off with the ability to use large capacity SD cards, and you are well beyond the realm of a typical Nokia Series 60 handset with their limited MMC capacity support. The SD cards are also hot-swappable, with the system keeping track of which programs are available and which are not as you swap different cards in and out of the handset. The Sendo representative giving the presentation was using a 512MB SD card in his Sendo X.

Like the other Series 60 devices both on the market and in development, the Sendo X supports Bluetooth. Headset support will be limited to the Hands Free profile, such as with the Nokia handsets. Interesting, though, was the mention of a Sendo brand Bluetooth headset and a car kit. No details were given, but we are pleased to hear that Sendo is taking Bluetooth seriously.

Other highlights include SyncML support, support for 6 email accounts with the ability to sync email with a desktop PC (a first for Series 60), and the ability to view up to 40 different file types - including Word, Excel, PDF, and ZIP. Some of the file viewers are pre-loaded, some are available on the included CD. A speaker independent voice recognition system is also part of the package. The system will work much like the system in the Hitachi G1000: it will try to recognize the name of your contacts based on their spelling, meaning that you don't have to record a voice tag for each contact. The system will also support verbal digit dialing.

And one last thing of note, it appears that the Sendo X will support user installable firmware upgrades. That's always good news.

You'll find some new photos, including one of the upcoming foldable keyboard for the Sendo X, on the following pages.

Some good exampled of people holding it:

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