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N95 battery life

Hi all

I spose this has been raised before but a quick browse hasnt found it.

Just got my new N95 a few days ago amd i love it so far. apart from one issue.

The Battery life......its pants realy realy pants.

Most days it just about lasts 12 hours with very little use but last weekend i needed its gps,web and heaven forbid i had to talk on it quiet a lot. It was COMPLETELY FLAT IN 4 HOURS.

Is there any settings or better batterys avalable as this is completly unacceptable. Even my old motarola house brick from the 80's was better.

If i cant make it last at least 24 hours its gonna have to go back.Which would be a pity as its a great tool.

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No, not really. It can be extended if you dont use various things and turn them off, like bluetooth, wifi scanning etc. But generally, a day is all you will get especially if you talk on it a lot.

You can counter this by charing it at work, or using a car charger to and from wherever.

There are alternatives.

For long battery and wifi, get the E51. Out very soon and has a massive battery life. No GPS and only a 2MP camera.

For GPS get the 6110 navigator. No wifi and again, only 2MP camera.

The N95 8GB is due out soon (or already depending where you are), which has a more powerful battery. It also has a bigger screen, and there are not any proper figures out so no-one knows what the battery life is like on that yet.

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When I first got this phone I was noticing that the battery was draining very quickly. Of course back then I was letting the battery completely drain before recharging. Through these forums I was shown the light. With the Li-ion batteries used to charge this device, you should constantly be topping up the battery whenever you can. This way the battery can "learn" it's full potential.

My average day consists of heavy internet browsing at home and at work over WiFi with heavy downloading, occasional use of the gps on most days because so many people ask to see my phone and it's feature set. I don't have a home phone so all calls are through my cell, I don't get an over abundance of calls. I use texting more than the average person through the afternoon/evening hours as everyone is getting off work.

A few days of the week at work I'll watch a full 1.5 to 2 hour movie on my phone (but these days I'll bring my charger just in case). Then I'll go home and play some music from my phone through my stereo. Most nights I'll even play Quake through my flat screen tv before my roommate comes home.

After an average day I'll have four bars on the battery indicator before I put my phone on the charger as I goto bed. I take my phone off the charger around 5:10am every day and it's back on around 10:00pm each night.

Now I don't carry a charger with me unless I know I'll be using my phone more frequently than normal just to be safe.

With all that being said, I really don't understand what the big fuss is with the battery life. I'd rather have the convenience of one device and it's charger for my everyday functions (plus more) rather than carrying four or five devices.

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Getting a new phone isnt realy what i want as i have only had the N95 for a week now, but its lack of battery has caught me out.

I am often out in the field with out any power supply and i often need the use of maps and info which i can load off the net.

The N95 has the perfect spec for what i require but having it go flat in 4 hours or so of what i call proper use is very anouying.

Its nice to have all the bits and bobs i need in my pocket as said above rather than having half a dozen large bits kit kist with me (diary, laptop, maps, and mobile phone.)

If Nokia cant come up with a better battery its still looking as if it might be going back.

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Buy another two batteries and keep them in your pocket. And a car charger - or maybe one of those Proporta mobile device chargers as well

You won't find anything as compact with as much capacity and ability - think of the other junk you can leave behind!


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Space constraints prevent a bigger battery fitting in the same slot - the BL-6F that comes with the new N95 8GB won't fit in the standard N95 (at least, not if you want the battery cover to still work). Your only option if you choose to stick with the N95 is probably to carry spare batteries; unfortunately although it means you don't have to carry around several pieces of equipment, it's replacing them with one device that you use significantly more than any of the others individually, but the battery isn't several times the capacity of an ordinary phone.
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Just been trawling the interweb and managed to find somthing im gonna try.

Amazon show a 1400mha battery which comes with a new cover. OK it will loose its nice logo and look a little chunkier. But it should still fit in my pocket and your right there realy isnt anything out there that will pack the same features in such a small space.

Fingres crossed it works.

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I think Amazon are "out of stock" of the 1400mAh batteries. According to the Nokia forum most of these larger batteries are useless and will either fail after a couple of days - or just not give any more power than the original. With the added bonus that if they leak or explode, you have no warranty.

I think I would go for a spare standard battery or two - giving 1900 or 2850 mAh total with all fully charged. There is a thing called PowerMonkey that offers 96 hours of charge too. might be worth a go?


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If you r using GPS with any phone on the market ( including a PDA with a separate Bluetooth Receiver ) then your going to get only a few hours usage out of your phone. The constant screen usage, light, GPS power just rape the hell out of even the hardened PDA systems.

Most phones only have a few hours talk time because there is radio usage to receive signals.... well with GPS your doing pretty much the same thing.

If you need to use GPS then get a car charger and keep it plugged in while your using it.

As usual Nokia have designed something good and implemented it in a piss poor manor, in this case by 1) using a weak GPS chipset, 2) putting the receiver under the sliding keypad ( way to go Nokia ) so you have to keep the phone at an abnormal position while driving and simply hiding there bumbling design issues by saying "The phone GPS system was designed with walkers in mind and not drivers" ummm hmmm well done! only prob 95% of sat nav usage is done by car niice research and 3) Not linking the internal GPS into a virtual com port using standard commands and GPS emulation so that it can be used with any GPS software with minimal to no changes.

Also what makes me laugh is they even quote in similar words "The GPS receiver is a heavy resource on the battery and its recommended to charge the device while its in use"...... so I'm going to find a portable power station in the mountains when I go rambling am I?

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my advice for battery life is switch off 3G and bluetooth if you arent using them , get an in car charger and a couple of spare batteries!!

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Battery arrived in the post today.

Its larger than the stock Nokia one (about the double the thickness of the Nokia battery) And come with its own cover.

Its not as nice to look at or is it made a slickly at the Nokia cover but its serves a purpose and isnt too bad.(the whole lot derlivered cost 13)

Battety was a tight push fit, i think this was mainly due to the tight connections now its been in and out a few times it slots in just like the Nokia battery.

So far so good had it on its 1st charge for a few hours now and it holds charge and isnt red hot/leaking or exploding.

Gonna give it a good test run to morrow and see how long it lasts

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hi, im new here, im about to get my N95, ive read already what are its flaws and i have had about an hr play time with it, I know the battery is one of its main problems, its a pity nokia or any aftermarket company hasn't released anything that can work with the factory cover, ill be looking at this thread to see if the original poster had better luck with his new battery!

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While the phones develope at an almost alarming speed, the batteries don't. They are still using about the same technology as 5 years ago. This means that the battery is fine for regular phone use, especially considering the big screen and fast cpu. But if you want to use it as a camera, GPS navigator or media player, the battery technology really shows how antiquated it is and a charger is needed. It's not just a N95 thing, but the many possibillities of the N95 makes it painfully clear.

Does a bigger battery help? Not much. If you get 2 hours of movie playback on the standard 950mAh battery, you'd get 2h30min out of the BL-6F for the N95-3 or 8GB, which really isn't that interesting.

Try to stack the batteries of your GPS, digicam, MP3/media player and a 3G phone with bt and wifi and see how much space it takes. Do you want a battery that size in your N95? And do they really last that much longer than the N95 to make it worth the size?

What are the options then for the mobile manufacturers? They can provide smaller screens, lower level of backlight, slower cpu's (HTC went that way), fewer built-in gadget so we won't use the device that much or double the size of the phone to make room for a gigantic battery. Neither of these options are really appealing and considering a major breakthrough in battery technology don't seem to be coming any day soon, frequent charging looks to be the only option.

If you don't use the N95 as the 'small computer' device it is, but just as a phone, the battery goes a long way. With a bit of emailing and sms'ing plus a few calls, my battery has now lasted for 4 full days of usage and I still have 2 bars left. I think that is ok, all things considered...

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Originally Posted by sbc View Post
While the phones develope at an almost alarming speed, the batteries don't. They are still using about the same technology as 5 years ago...

Thanks! Your post is probably the best thought out and informative posts on the subject of N-Series battery performance that I have read on the AAS forums over the last 2 years!

The important point of all this is that there's no better alternative to Li-Ion technology at the present time, so we will have to accept the need to charge our smart phones at least once a day (more frequently for heavy users) or carry spare batteries. I think it's amazing what a smartphone can do these days when we consider that the computer that navigated Apollo austronauts to the moon had 1Mb of memory and was the size of a small bedroom.

I hope forum users will concentrate in sharing tips on extending standby time on our phones instead of posting complaints about short battery life.

Nokia deserve great praise for the features and capabilities of the N-Series handsets, but if they deserve one criticism, it is that they publish unrealistic figures for battery standby time and lead buyers into unachievable expectations.
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I completely agree with the above two posts.

I just started to wonder if some of the battery complaints could arise from the strange behavior of the N95 charge indicator? Mine displays all its bars and then suddenly drops like a stone. NSysInfo also reports the same thing - still 100% when its been in use for hours. (I know kontraband has the same thing too)

If you weren't in the habit of charging every day until you hear the N95 fully charged beep, you could mistake the indicator display of all the bars for the true, partially discharged state - then run out of battery fairly fast.

I tend to think of my N95 as a mini laptop/camera/gps substitute. I wouldn't expect too many hours of use from a laptop battery, I'd expect to have to plug it in at any opportunity.



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