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Gmail sync on nokia C6

The C6 hasn't got its proper section yet, so I'm posting this here since the C6 is very close to the 5800.

I configured my Gmail on my nokia (just had to enter my e-mail address and password) and it works fine.
Only thing is, syncing doesn't seem to work as it should. When for example I read Gmail messages on my computer and delete them, then that's not synced to the phone (said messages remain in my inbox, unread status). Also, when I delete messages on my phone, I can't find them in the deleted messages folder when I access my Gmail on my computer.
Even when I force my phone to sync (when in Gmail --> options --> sync now), nothing seems to happen.

Today I discovered, which offers some mobile apps. Would it be better to just delete my gmail account on my nokia and install the different apps from google directly (which would give me calendar syncing as well ?) ?

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Yes we need C6 group here

I think we need C6 group too but maybe it should stay here? There are many CFW C6 ports for these phones. I am using one of the originals and my phone actually acts like a smart phone now. So fast!

But I have been wondering where to ask questions about my phone because it's not really a 5530 anymore and it's not really a C6.

...Oh, and hello, by the way. I just registered here but don't feel knew because I've been lurking forever. I'm also an old member over at Dailymobile. So I hope I can help some people out and get some answers myself.

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I don't have an answer for you but would like to know this myself. I have been wondering where the google contacts sync is. It is native via syncml in the 5530 firmware but with the C6 firmware I don't see the option. What's the best app for Google contacts and/or Gmail?

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Found the contacts sync, and a way to get email.

For contacts go to settings>>Connectivity>>data transfer>>Sync
Under Options either set up a new sync profile or edit the exsisting one.

Select only contacts (calendar just won't sync with Google.)

Sync Profile Name: anything you want
Server Version: 1.2
Server ID: Google (capital G)
Data bearer: Internet
Network Connection: your connection depending on wifi or carrier
Host address: https:/
User Name:
Password: (yours)
Allow sync requests: Whatever you want (I put Ask first, for wifi only)
Network Username: None
Network Password: (leave it)

Under Contacts
Contacts database: contacts (must be lowercase)

Now for email, I have a widget that goes on my home screen. Don't know if this is standard C6 or just my CFW. My home screen is the one with 6 bars that can be configured with any number of shortcuts and widgets. From the homescreen, under options, remove one of the bars you don't use and then add the email widget and set it up.

There is a calendar widget too but the main one is for the phone. I don't know if there is one for Google. Look into it. I'm sure you can find a Google calendar widget here or in the dailymobile forums though. You can also try setting up a calendar sync per the instructions above and syncing it separtley from the contacts. I do know that it only syncs one calendar and no externally linked calendars when it works.

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