All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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I'm an N900 owner/user and agree that the N900 is great for web use (IMO, it's an overall pleasure to use), but I'm curious about why one of the iPhones isn't listed in the Web-a-holic category.

Yes, I know the iPhones don't do Adobe Flash, but there are several equivalent things that the N900 (and I assume the HTC HD2 too) doesn't do - two that come immediately to mind are Apple QuickTime and Real media.

Perhaps you're just judging that Adobe Flash is more prevelant/important than the other two?

Steve, care to share your rationale?

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I miss the era of communicators!

Hi all! All the phones listed on this thread are all capable devices, its just a matter of taste and preference.

But the one I would truly recommend would be the E90! This business phone does it all with flying colors, I really miss the communicator line of Nokia, especially my now obsolete 9210i.

I really hope that Nokia will continue its tradition of communicator line of phones, and not just any bar type qwerty device, E90 is IT!

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No, not a blatant Phones Show plug (though Phones Show Chat 18 is out), but a serious attempt to provoke thought and discussion. Ahead of a video feature on smartphone recommendations, I've opened up my thought processes to you below, in some detail, breaking down the market into a whopping seven stereotypes(!) Maybe you'd like to chip in with comments, recommendations and disqualifications of your own?
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Hell no! (according to some)

Originally Posted by Huschke2go View Post
So is the iPhone an excellent phone? Hell yeah!
Some would disagree.

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Having owned the following phones this year


My suggestions would be

Media Creator
N86 - Main reason, video recording
Note: i8910 or i8510 should be in this list

Communications junkie
N97 mini

Hardcore mobile gamer

Media consumer
i8910 - Not completely clear cut but anyone who has owned one will know that it is by far the best personal video player out there, able to play up to 720p in virtually every format straight out of the box and with that 3.7inch AMOLED screen it is pure joy. Only let down is that the audio quality could be better and the Podcasting app has some issues (hopefully will be fixed)

Work addict
Touch HD2

Tech enthusiast/hacker/fiddler

Without using one I assume that the N900 will excel in this area but can it be classed as 2009?


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