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Old 22-07-2009, 11:06 AM
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AAS Insight 80 - Symbian Horizon, Nokia Surge and more

In All About Symbian Insight 80 (AAS Podcast 142), we discuss Nokia's Q2 results and the announcement of the Nokia Surge. We follow up with news of Symbian's Horizon program, before talking about the latest set of software updates for the N97. Finally we answer some questions from our listeners. You can listen to AAS Insight 80 here or, if you wish to subscribe, here's the RSS feed.

Read on in the full article.

Old 22-07-2009, 04:53 PM
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Unhappy Please help!

I can not get any of the upgrades in the software updater to work! They just fail to install EVERYTIME! it's weird because the c: free space application installs but not really. Once I exit the Software updater and come back in it's there to install again. I was super excited when I saw these updates last week because I love the n-gage platform and have been waiting for it for over a month now, since I got my N97 at launch.

I've called nokia and their tech help is a joke. They keep saying n-gage is not out yet for the N97 and I keep telling them how wrong they are! I try to explain about the software updater and they actually said well maybe those updates aren't for your phone! This make no sense to me anyways, because why would my phone download updates for another phone?! Makes no sense!

Anyways I read other forums and restarting the phone or rebooting the phone doesn't work for people and so I'm not gonna do it and lose programs I've paid for. Is there any force that I can do to make the updater install these programs? I NEED the n-gage app! Please Help!

Paul Logan Jr

Old 22-07-2009, 06:12 PM
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I happen to think the att surge is at least an eye catching different approach for the usa market. Apparently att did not like any of the classic phones like the n95 or n97. So why NOT try something like this? Us north american's are just out of it on some issues! :-)

Old 23-07-2009, 12:07 AM
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N97 Flagship

My brother has just bought an N97 in USA and following using the software updater is now running into insufficient memory error messages. He's a longtime mobile user (since analogue days) and has had a number of smart and not so smartphones his last being an SE X1 which just broke. I'd suggested he talk to me before rushing out and getting something but having seen one on the shelves and liking qwerty keyboards he went and got N97 this weekend. Which leads me to make two points, if someone as mobile literate as my brother is having problems it doesn't bode well for the software implementation of the update nor does the fact that the glaring flaw in the N97; the weak hardware platform, is a problem encountered in day two of ownership. If Nokia really saw this as a flagship and saw it as a phone to take on iPhone why cripple it? Surely the cost saving at this price bracket is pretty immaterial. No matter how much tiddling errrr refining they do via updates not going to get around physical restriction. If it was decently equipped maybe the software could have had a bit/lot more candy to attract users as well as running without reported bottlenecks. If indeed it is a flagship in it's own way it's nearly as bad as the X1 and is going to reinforce negative perceptions in US and to be fair to them Apple does indeed "just work" and with new hardware platform leaves N97 for dead (try running Ngage with no mem). The 5800 on the other hand makes sense at the price (I really hope they bring successor soon) at it's price it's a very good functional tool and thoroughly deserves it success.

To sum I don't think Nokia have equipped this well enough or refined S60v5 enough for it to be perceived as a true flagship and frankly they've had plenty of time - could be the problem, last year this phone would have looked pretty awesome, this year not so much. Another lesson in slow to market products (they'll be joining SE if they don't buck up).



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