All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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Why Do We Expect What We Get On A New Smartphone?

What was once the latest hot feature on our smartphones has become the 'without that I'm not buying it' necessity. Ewan takes a look at the features that were once the hot news but have become little more than requirements in the spec list and why this march of progress isn't going to stop in the near future.

Read on in the full article.

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I think its quite valid to expect something like this from any device I am using, especially a smartphone. Smartphones are not cheap and generally (though not all) cost a decent amount of money. If by spending that sum, I am not getting something new and worth noticing in a device, I would rather not buy.

I personally am the kind of person that will invest money in a device that will keep my ego satisfied for atleast 12-18 months. That ways when I finally upgrade after that period, whats offered in a phone changes to a good extend and I get an immense pleasure from upgrading... Hence, it has to have everything that is needed to keep me satisfied for the next 12-18 months.

This also is driven by the fact that I really cant afford buying the latest smartphones every 6-7 months.

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Rather unfortunate that this news items has separate comments to the article itself - normally they are the same, no? Needs fixing...

Anyway, general gist of the article is correct as long as we bear in mind the increasing move of smartphone sophistication (i.e. deployment of S60 etc) towards the lower end of the market. Ultimately, one wants the cheapest handsets to have access to powerful features, perhaps through a S40 style interface. Noting that the latest version of S40 has full webkit browser etc. for example.

Anyway, point is, it's important for sophisticated handsets to be at the cheapest end, so people in developing countries for example can make use of the tech. This means they will have lesser hardware and prob. software features, but as long as they have the core platform, they should not be discounted. Android will easily step into this breach if it is unfilled (it is already being secretly targetted at lowest end handsets - the public required hardware specs for Android are not actually true in practice).

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It seriously annoys me when you read the comments (on most mobile sites) under new announcements (worst offender is GSM Arena, I don't know where the people commenting on there come from but it sure isn't Earth).

Things like 'no VGA screen = fail' or '3" screen, too small i'm not buying it' even on handsets that are the size of an E51. It's the same when the new round of megapixel 'penis waving' starts (about to with the 8mp phones) with people stating no 8mp camera means it must be rubbish.

In some ways I wish that Nokia and everyone else, would just stop adding features for the hell of it and just concentrate on updating the user interface and design/build quality of phone (using those as a way of distinguishing handsets).

I couldn't give a **** if a phone doesn't have wifi. I don't use voip, and using it to browse the web on a small screen (especially on a handset without a qwerty where you have to keep changing the orientation of the screen to enter text) does not appeal to me in the slightest.

Why do people constantly moan when a feature is missing? Is it that essential that they have, for example, a vga screen? Can't they use anything less even though most phones haven't actaully had vga screens yet?

Lol just realised how long that rant is and think i'll leave it there. I'm just glad that the comments on AAS are a lot more civilised than other sites.

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I really enjoyed the article, thanks.

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Over communicated

"the mind works like a sponge and can abosorb matters which relate to only what has been fed to it before and it rejects everything else."
--------Al Ries & Jack Trout (Positioning)

What Ewan is talking is absolute truth. People are demanding more because they have been exposed to this idea now. Rewing back to the era when Nokia introduced 1.3MP phone (sorry forgetting the name some 7xxx). People were awed. They took us to 2MP, 3.2MP, 5MP and now others are taking us to 8MP. Its overcommunication from the sellers, not from the buyers.
Buyers are only interested in convergance of their needs into one device. Why, because we have been "TOLD" by them that we "CAN" have all our needs fulfilled through a single device. Now buyers have different needs and they want their phones to cover all "their" needs. They are not concerned with anybody else and therein lies the problem.

Nokia and others of late, have put together a lot of things into the phone. things which are the most common things people do, maps, music, video, web but now people want individual needs to be fulfilled by their phones and thats the challenge the manufacturers will have to overcome. Something on the lines of Dell, can we customize our phones?????


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