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Nokia Music (PC Client) now Nokia Ovi Player

Nokia Music (PC Client), Nokia's software for managing and transferring music to Nokia devices, has been renamed Nokia Ovi Player. With the name change comes a small update: there's official support for Windows 7 and the addition of 'Recent' to the navigation/filter tabs (joining the existing Albums, Artists and Genre tabs). Nokia Ovi Player is a relatively resource hungry application, but it does offer a one-stop-solution for managing, buying (from the Nokia Music Store), and importing (burning from CD) music as well as transferring music to MTP compatible mobile devices.

Read on in the full article.

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Nice to see everything coming together under the Ovi brand.

However, I am a bit concerned that Nokia are trying to get us to use the Ovi-branded software. Although the user interface is nicer, it seems to be far more resource hungry and would only run smoothly on high spec PCs. I still prefer the old PC Suite software because it gives me more control and has much better performance.

Surely with the popularity of not-very-powerful netbooks (including one from Nokia themselves) they have many good reasons to focus on making the software perform well? Slow computer programs put users off almost as much as broken ones IMHO.

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Looks like another .Net based application to me. And one that will cause any of my PCs to fall to their knees. Avoiding....
Steve Litchfield, Admin, AAS

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.Net ?

Looks more like Qt (haven't downloaded to verify!)

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What does an Ovi Player play?

... It plays Ovis.

Or is it movies? Or...?

Incredibly stupid of Nokia to rename something clear to confuse the public. Nokia is doing everything it can to make sure it's services fail hard. Steve I expect this will
be rewritten until it takes up 2GB of RAM and doesn't sync any more. Then they'll promote the guys who wrote it.

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Thanks for the news.

I dont care about the name. And by the way they didnt confuse so many people because the users of this software know its Beta and anything can be modified in next releases including the name.

I like the new tweaks and it seems slicker.

Will this (Full) support for the N900? It recognize my E90 but it said i connect it in unsupported method (it asks for MTD:Media Transfer Data) while my E90 only support PC Suite and Mass Storage modes. In another word: will N900 support MTD? This is very important for me since i use this software to organize,consume,transfer and rip/burn my entire music collection.

I want my PC in my pocket.....

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Hey this actually (surprisingly) ain't that bad. Running pretty okay so far on my acer aspire one.

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Got message to upgrade to new Ovi Player. Downloaded and now it will not open, windows says there is a problem and Ovi Player has stopped working. Typical Nokia software - crap.

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Ovi player / N97 v20

v20 appears to be a disaster for the music player on the N97. I've had to hard reset and reformat E: twice since I installed v20 (and am about to have to do it a third time) - all because of the music player. It just does not seem able to handle 1000 songs - all ripped from CD and transfered to the phone using Nokia/Ovi Player. Even when it doesn't crash, the music player is dreadfully slow on the N97 - 1-2 minutes to open the music player, 10+ seconds to display the list of playlists. Ovi player is now refusing to recognise that the N97 is connected even though Ovi Suite does recognise it ! Trying to use Ovi Player simply causes the phone to reboot. This is badly broken software.

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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Trying to use Ovi Player simply causes the phone to reboot. This is badly broken software.
Nokia can't write software.

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No problems with it here, installed fine, works nicely. Nokia do seem to have a problem with some of their more inept users though. Those that feel that everything must be somebody else's fault.

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Please don't be so quick to assume ineptitude on the part of very experienced Symbian and Windows users. Looking back on my own experience and reviewing the experience of others who have posted, the common problem seems to be playlists. If you don't use playlists, then your experience of Ovi Player and N97 v20 seems to be relatively happy; if you do use playlists to any great extent then I suggest you don't.

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compatible issue

ovi player does not work with windows 7, even I run it in Vista compatibility mode in my Windows 7 machine.

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Angry What happened to all my track info?

I have been through a couple of (forced) PC suite upgrades, and suddenly all the track info (artist, album etc) is lost in all my AAC-files.
Those files were all carefully ripped from more than 60 CDs using Nokia PC suite from the time I had a N73, and all the album info came in nicely using Nokia Music Manager from that time.
The files were stored and backed up on 2 external hard disks.
I am currently on an E90, and the PC suite is the last one with this dreadfull heavy OVI music thing. Do I really need to retag all those CDs again?

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