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DivX Mobile Player 1.0 for Symbian now available

Never mind the date on the official download page, DivX Labs has officially released v1.0 of their ubiquitous mobile player for all S60 3rd Edition and 5th Edition smartphones (direct SISx links). Version 1.0 "has numerous updates and simplifications to the UI. It also has touch-screen support for S60 5th Edition users." Initial feedback shows that desktop class DivX files (unsurprisingly) generally have bitrates that are too high for the limited processor speed in most current Symbian handsets. A figure of 600kbps is recommended as a maximum.

Read on in the full article.

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> desktop class DivX files (unsurprisingly) generally have bitrates that are too high

This is why it's a real shame that the CorePlayer guys have been so slow (or given up) on a Symbian version, because with a couple of slight tweaks to the settings I could play full fat desktop class DivX files on my N82 using CorePlayer and via TV out watch on the telly, and could not tell the difference in picture quality, frame rate and sound between that and a DVD although they did need a couple of tweaks to make it perfect, it was basically there. Last time I tried DivX official player it showed they weren't quite there yet (admittedly I haven't tried the new version, but this report sounds like it's not much better).

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The sample files play well just as I expect any content created for mobile would. 'Normal' video, however, is completely unwatchable on a 5800xm. I'll stick with Nokia's Internet Tablet Video Converter for smooth playback on the built-in realplayer app.

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Bummer - installed on E71 but always get a "player general error" message upon selecting a video.

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Shows how ancient Symbian is... Other platforms I just chuck whatever divx files I want. Even some HD content plays fine.

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Smile E90 no go either

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Bummer - installed on E71 but always get a "player general error" message upon selecting a video.
Installed DivXPlayer_v1_S60_3rd_0.sisx . First on E: (memorycard) . Also after reboot the player even doesn't open .
On C: (device memory) the player opens , but Demo 1 and Demo 2 both give also "player general error" message ....
The older version of DivxPlayer (DivXPlayer_S60_3rd.sisx ; beta ?) was playing fine .

Regards jApi NL

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If you dont talk *symbian* PLEASE go elsewhere.. :) :)

it works perfectly OK on my 5800... and that is more than can be said for other efforts!!!

I think people need to remember that this is quite advanced software **for mobile** - If you want more, then go back to your device that is a computer first, and a phone as an afterthought!!!

problems with an older phone??? its the same as saying 'why wont my old car go as fast as that new sports car??"

but back to the divx player... being a first release, of course it needs work... If you want to watch whole movies on a tiny screen, it is up to you...

main points..

- It needs a far better 'file browser' - presently there is NO way to load a random file!
I had to search for the 'demo' to find where they were stored!! Once some other divx files were copied there, they worked ok..

- without the above, or some file manager that routes Divx files to this player, and others to the inbuilt player, then it is not really much use...

I currently find it much easier to convert to the inbuilt player format..

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It's not Symbian's fault! It's the DivX players that's not optimized. I'm able to play 640x360 MP4 clips with 1024 kbps bit rates without a hitch on my X6. I tried an episode of Glee with 930 kbps, and the video was quite laggy but the audio was perfect. Just goes to show that the next version should iron out the issues!

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By 1024 kbps I meant Realplayer. The DivX IS laggy for files greater than 600 kbps...

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exactly!! convert your movies to MP4....

Its the divx fanbois forgetting that a mobile is NOT a modern PC with 2 Gb of ram, 2 or 3 GHz CPU, superfast video card, and 400Gig of HD space.....

oh, and most big divx movies, that you play at home on your PC or Mediacenter, are 720480 at 4 Mb/s (home theater)
- what a waste of bandwidth, on a tiny screen....

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Originally Posted by Tsepz_011 View Post
720x480??? well my current smartphone has a 854x480 display so it handles them with no problem, shocking that a 2009/2010 Nokia s60v5 cant,i bet the E90 can.
hmmm, still a fanboi, not reading properly?? :P

I suppose your current smartphone has a 3GHZ CPU, and 2G of ram then???(NO, I dont mean 'storage', but the stuff it can use to store webpages, and the massive cache needed to buffer a large film while putting it on screen...)

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Good start

Good start, hope they continue to improve it though.

For those who suggest a phone can't handle dixv coded for a desktop, it shows how naive you can be. I have been using SmartMovie WITHOUT converting files at all for quite a while now & it has handled 95% of EVERYTHING I have thrown at it. This of course suggests that with some optimisation this beta can bring a quality free or at least lower cost alternative to the platform.

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yes, unregistered smart guy.... any phone can play divx... Now how about *proving* yourself, get a username, and quoting names and numbers!!!

Otherwise, you are just blowing steam, all mouth and still in a nappy....

<edit> still no idea?? how about 'Avatar' (162 Minutes)??
- convert this to a good resolution Divx5 - 1280 x 720, 16:9, 24bits, 25 FPS, 6.2Mb/s.. you get about a 6,900 Meg file...
Go on, tell me your smartphone can do it...

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