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Ovi Maps and Player Interference?

I just received a N97 and played around with it for a couple of days. I realized that there seems to be some problem with the concurrent use of Ovi Maps and the Player. While using Maps (or the GPS in general, it seems) there is a minute beep in regular intervals (like every second or so) which is just annyoing enough to consider sending it back to Amazon. Actually, the beep seems a little more pronounced when using the FM transmitter. It comes through the speakers or headset.
In deeed, these would be my most important use cases: Using the phone in a car with GPS while listening to podcasts or on the other hand jogging while using the sports tracker. My E71 does the job just fine, no annoying beeps whatsoever.
So my question is: Is my N97 handset faulty or is this something that has been observed before on N97s in general?
Thank you in advance for your help.

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I Found the beep came from the radio transmitter counting down to shutdown - if you are not playing anything the radio transmitter will shutdown after time period of inactivity and indicates with the `beeps` this is normal - (I think its about 30 seconds) - I tried to use radio transmitter via car bluetooth for sat nav - the only work around I found was to record a `silent`short loop which you can play in music player in backround so transmitter thinks its playing something.Having done all that I gave up on the idea because the general reception of transmitter was so poor that it made using the stanav really hard work. Although I have not tried since last firmware upgrade (v21)

Hope this helps


Edit:have you an external aux jack included within bluetooth - I have not tried this but theoretically you could get audio from N97 by connecting aux jack to 3.5mm headphone socket on N97

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Thanks for the reply, but it is definitely not the shutdown sequence of the FM transmitter:
The podcast is playing and in the background you here a very faint regular beeping (much fainter than the FM transmitter shutdown signal). Actually, Iam not sure if you would actually hear it when listening to music.
Also, when jogging this weekend with the sports tracker and ovi maps switched on, I heard a very similar beeping over the headset/earphone without using the FM transmitter. Again it was rather faint but nonetheless there.
To me it seems (I am not really an electronics expert) as if the phone is lets say once a second using the gps antenna to get the position information and just maybe accessing the antenna causes some sort of electronic signal that interferes with the rest of the electronics, thus being audible during playback.
Actually, I read quite a bit about GPS reception being bad due to interference with the rest of the hardware.
Any comments/idea/similar observations?

Concerningthe GPS reception, it works reasonably fine, maybe slightly worse than my E71. I was using the new 21 firmware.

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You may be right - I very rarely use my N97 for listening to music so I have not noticed any additional background noise - personally I would find it far to `clunky`to go running with - but I can see the attraction of using sports tracker.

I hope you find a solution


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I use mine regularly for music and sportstracker and have no problems it may be your phone - the only problem i get is that the music or podcast can slloooowwwww down if i use maps and music player together.


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