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Moving from Windows Mobile to Symbian

Hi ! I'm a Windows Mobile Smartphone user. I prefer Candy Bar phone without touch screen. But such non-touch screen candy bar Smartphone are getting very rare. I'm using O2 Graphite. I can't find a replacement. SO I'm thinking of moving to Nokia Symbian.

I'm trying to find a 1 for 1 replacement for my apps currently running on my smartphone. I hope I can get a headstart without having to do a lot of research. I hope somebody can point me to some equivalent applications that runs on Symbian, whether free or shareware.

I'll list down my requirements and my currently apps. Thanks very much for your help.


1. Database – mobile and PC version so that I can enter data on my PC and access the data from my mobile. It should be able to sync with 2 PC so that I can synch my data between my home and office PC

Currently using: Phatware and HansDB

2. file synch – able to sync file between home and office PC

I think Nokia PC Suite is able to do this

3. alerts/alarms – define alerts. In particular, should be able to set alerts at intervals, eg every 10min

Currently using: Omnisoft Alerts

4. dictionary - Chinese, English, English <-> Chinese, English <-> Indonesian

Currently using:
Chinese: none
English: MDict 2.1.3
English <-> Chinese: HNHSoft
English <-> BDicty for Mobile

5. Movie player – should be able to play avi, mpeg, divx, flv. Should be able to remember last played position even after existing (bookmark). Preferably have multiple bookmark.

Currently using: TCPMP (with support for flv), Media Player

6. 6. music player – should be able to play wma, mp3. Should be able to remember last played position even after existing (bookmark). Preferably have multiple bookmark.

Currently using: TCPMP, Media Player

For 5 & 6: I watch and listen to lectures. So I prefer something that can resume after stopping. Also be able to program the keys to control the player. Able to pause when a call comes in.

7. Calendar, Task (todo): Able make use of Outlook Categories. I understand that the native Calendar and Task application does not support Categories.

Currently using: Papyrus

8. World time

9. Scripting: able to let me write simple scripts to perform some automation for the phone

Currently using: Mortscript

10. Phone screen emulation on PC: Smartphone has some sort of remote desktop application that allows me to control the phone from the PC

Currently using: MyMobiler

11. SMS from PC: able to send/read SMS from the PC.

Currently using: MyMobiler

12. Missed call/sms reminder

Currently using: Automatic Keylock

13. Phone call recorder: able to record a phone conversation

Currently using: PMRecorder

14. Sound recorder: able to record surrounding sound to a MP3 file. Short recording such as “where I park my car” or long recording such as a seminar or lecture speeches. For short recording. Preferably able to retrieve the recording like where I park my car easily without having to navigate through many keypresses.

Currently using: RJV Soundrecorder

15. Application to view or edit MS Word, Excel files, PDF

16. MSN or Skype

17. Simple text editor: Just a plain editor with the ability to insert date/time stamp, cut/paste

18. Currency convert / units converter

19. Calculator

20. Task scheduler: Able to schedule programs to run at certain times, once or recurring

21. Volume limiter: Able to set a max volume.


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