All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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Ooops, I dropped it..

Instead of just dropping it, i tried to catch it and fumbled it and propelled it into a wall and then to the floor...hmm..

Everything seems to be ok, except for I now have zero messages, inbox or sent...hmm...what else should i check? My contacts are still there..

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My N95 survived a quite hefty drop once. As to suddenly having zero messages after this accident - fire up the messaging app and use Options->Settings->Other and ensure that its still looking at the memory where you habitually store messages. Perhaps its reverted to using C: when you normally store them on E: ?


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Ouch! Have you got a screen cover on?

I always class drops as follows, starting with least serious.

1. Battery cover off
2. Battery cover off and Battery out
3. Battery cover off, Battery out and sim card out
4. If the Memory card comes out as well then start crying

Actually, I saw a program about mobile phone design and they are designed to come apart, it helps absorb the impact.

I reckon what Neil says about the drive the phone is looking for the messages on is the answer to that problem as well!
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Yeah, cover and battery went flying. Well you're right, thanks, it had set itself to C: - Weird!

Didn't think it was possible to just knock the messages out of the phone, hehe

No screen cover, still holding up pretty well..

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I've dropped mine a couple of times. Luckily, the first time I caught it in mid air (which was impressive, cos I was drunk at the time) and the second time i positioned my foot in it's trajectory, so it landed on that which cushioned the fall and meant it only fell about half a foot to the floor. No problems, no scratches or dents or anything
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I embarassed the hell out of myself by dropping it when I first took it into Carphone Warehouse to ask about GPS/lens cover...was taking it out of the case (that really tight fitting one) whilst saying "yeah, so it has two problems..." and it suddenly came free and slipped out my hand, hit the crossbar of a stool then on to the floor "...oh, make that three problems then!"
It put a decent dent in the silver that runs round the side of the screen where it hit the stool but no actual cracks or effect on the phone. Was quite impressed it survived that!


dropped, ooops

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