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Review: Snaptu

Something of an oddball in the mobile world, Snaptu is a Java application that attempts to provide a cosy environment into which you can bring a plethora of online services (Flickr, Facebook, TV listings, News, etc). Ewan, as the main reviewer, wasn't too impressed by the limited functionality within each service or by the clunky Java text input. I was somewhat more positive, as you'll see from my 'PS' - but your comments welcome - are you a Snaptu fan?

Read on in the full article.

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Couldn't disagree with Ewan more.

Apart from Opera Mini, Snaptu is my main "go to" app on my phones.

I use Twitter and Facebook to quickly check for updates. It's a joy to be able to just flick in and out of each in the same app.

They're constantly adding functionality to the Twitter and Facebook clients, and I for one like the user interface. I find the (adjustable) font is very readable in all environments and screen resolutions. There's always the PC for any unsupported Facebook features that I may need to use.

The news reader is tremendouslyl handy, and it's a doddle to add new feeds (unlike Google reader say). The weather app is good too, and offers several different forecasts.

For ONE app this is an amazing array of functionality, and it's free. I know there are better individual apps for each feature, but what it's missing in functionality is more than made up for in convenience.

I would highlyl recommend that everyone just gives it a try.

(I'm not affiliated, I'm just a fan).
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It looks ok, but to be honest with the multitasking abilities Symbian has, it looks like it would be just as quick to switch between Facebook/Twitter/Web/etc, so Snaptu just looks like a dressed-up second Applications folder.

But for a free app, it does look like a useful one. I'll give it a try when I get the new screen on the N97.
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Download link

Hey, the download link seams to be linked wrongly

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I actually installed this app to my old s40 phone (N6131) and it worked very nicely. These kind of apps are mainly made for the dumbphones and not for the newest superphones, like on my 5800XM this app didn't look and work nice at all.

But then again, if I hadn't my smartphone and only my old N6131, I wouldn't have dataplan and because of that not using Snaptu...

Hey, I agree with the unregistered thingy, disable these to comment. It wasn't along time ago I myself was commenting unregistered, but I felt like it is better to register and so on...

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Hi, I've used snaptu for acouple of years, it's constantly improving, it's really handy on shortcut widget on N97 and have installed on many friends phones, BECAUSE it's simple to use. Suggest people try it, if they don't like it, remove it. People shouldn't knock things that are functional and useful just because they are missing a bit of 'glitter', I would recomend the app to anyone and doubt that there is not a useful link on it that most people won't want to use occasionally. Snaptu and Opera mini 5 are my most important and used homescreen shortcuts on my phone.

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Doesn't work for me

I have installed and uninstalled Snaptu on my 5800 about 5 times. Invariably I have problems where it locks up and does nothing or just fails to connect.

I also tried it on a new BlackBerry and had exactly the same problems.

I think it would be a great app (especially the RSS reader) but at least on wifi and at least on the 2 devices I have, it just doesn't work.

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I like it

Yes it is a bit ugly and a pain you have to back out to the snaptu homepage to exit but it is quick and easy, if I want to read some RSS feeds or quickly update face book it takes to button pushes. Even if I have browser favorites and widgets to do most of this stuff I only have 6 quick launch slots on the home screen and this takes only one for a lot of fuctionality. Kind of reminds me of widsets before it was taken pout and shot (cheers nokia).

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What a surprise

Hei Everyone..... i've just posted snaptu on my blog http://fatztwentytwo.wordpress.vom.
Actually snaptu it's like a must have apps on symbian smartphone. for those of you who speak malay and indonesia just login to my web. I've done an explenation in our mother language. My suggestion is make snaptu as your must have apps.

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For me Snaptu does a very good job, some might find it ugly (not me) but that's just a caprice

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This app is brilliant,I don't care if its Java or not,it loads info immediately,no lag at all it just WORKS...

The Facebook app is so much efficient and compressive then the crappy "E71" version...

Twitter is decent is well and news feeds rock

Most impressive app & its free,its a must have !!!

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Well the Snaptu app on my N97 v2.1 is very fast to load, no lagging for me either - Apart from anything else the UI on their facebook and twitter link is excellent, it has the best layout of these two sites than any of the free services that i've looked at (and i think i've looked at them all) - I noticed yesterday that Snaptu has had an update so it's nice to know that they continue to make improvements and are taking themselves seriously
Angie x
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great app

i don't care much about facebook, twitter etc but i love snaptu's reader. its quick and customizable.

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Ricardo Mena
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Thumbs up

Snaptu is one of rhe best apps for Symbian I've ever seen

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My No.2 App

Snaptu is my second 'most essential' add-on application (Nokia Sports Tracker being No.1) and probably the most used.


review, snaptu

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