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questions about changing the product code on an N97

so i have ordered a nokia N97 from nokia USA but i'm not an american (i'm bringing it to my country) so i'm getting the US version and as far as i know the frequencies won't be a problem.
but language packs might be and though i have absolutely no problem using an all English phone it will be much more comfortable using it in my language.
so i found that Phoenix can be used to burn a product code to a 5800XM so i'm thinking that it's the same version of symbian as the N97 and it should be exactly the same as the 5800XM (in terms of product code burning)
please tell me if i'm right and if it should work.

i also found a list of product codes and i have a couple of questions about it:
the codes for each region come in pairs one for the black version and one is for the white.
is there really a difference?

i have also noticed that the NAM (north american) codes are listed as RM-507 and the code that i need is listed as RM-505
is there a problem using a different RM?
and what does that RM even means?

thanks a lot

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Beer Be VERY careful

changing your codes ..

If you need a different language set - that is probably a reason to change.

You say the frequencies used in your country aren't a problem. Good!
Does your country have a code for the N97?

YES the rm numbers are very important .. they indicate the hardware version / chipset. as you pointed out the NAM has a different rm number to the Euro/restoftheworld model.

So be VERY cautious with using Nemesis to change product codes on an N97.

I'm going to check Nemesis on an N97 just to make sure it works..

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my country has it's own product code but it's European version RM-505 and i ordered a phone in nokia usa so I'm guessing that it's going to be an American version that is labeled RM-507

and 3g frequency used in my country is 2100 so even though my country is in the euro standard the American version has 2100 as well so there aren't supposed to be problems with that

as far as i know the European N97 differs only in 1 3g frequency from the American N97 (correct me if I'm wrong)

so what are the chances that RM-505 product code will install a firmware that will work on the American version and won't brick the phone

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euro 2100 band is dif from the us 2100 band, not sure how but it is.

It's not technology, it's what you do with it.

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It would help a great deal if you mentioned which country you lived in and which language you wanted on the device. I've always believed that you are better off buying a phone for your region as it is guaranteed to work, without any will it / won't it questions.

The N97 is very expensive. Is it worth risking so much money buying it from another continent when there's no guarantee it'll work in your country?
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i'm from israel and i need hebrew support

and i'm not worried about the 3g support - i have an N73 for 2 years now and i used a video call once in this time and it was only to see how it is

and i'm ordering the phone from the US because phones it takes time for new phones to hit the market here and they are usually (though not always) are more expensive here then in other countries
so i'm not going to wait and see whether it gets here and what the price would be just to get one more option that i never use anyway
and about the Hebrew support - i can live without it. it might be annoying to not be able to write SMSes in Hebrew (and maybe even read them) but i can live with that. i prefer not to but i can


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