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[UPDATE] OggPlay 0.6

From the author: 0.6: The options dialog allows to set an alarm time. Wake up in the morning with your favourite music.
There is a little slider which indicates the song position and which can be dragged to seek to a new position.

More key assignments in flip-close mode:

Jog dial : push - pause/resume up/down - next/previous song scrolling - set volumeOK key : pause/resume"back" key : put player into background"C" key : stopmenu key : shuffle playlist
Bugfix: The player would sometimes after going into the background refuse to come back again.
The player should now display chinese characters (big5 encoding) in track titles correctly. This works only for phones which have the big5 encoding and chinese character sets installed. My phone for example (the version sold in Germany) does not have it.
Upcoming/planned features:

Support of the standard playlist format, import from PC, probably no editing of playlists.
Improvements to the GUI.

You can get it here:

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Ogg Player

This free software is a must for any music lovers of the SonyEricssons P800.

The Ogg compression is much better than the MP3 compression, which means you can squeeze more than twice as many songs on you Memory Stick duo than before without losing any quality.

The program can be set up to start when you press any of the external buttons on your phone (the internet button for example - stops you from accidentally browser the Internet when your trying to take a picture!)

And you can wake up to all your favourite music in the morning with the alarm feature. Great. And all this for free. Even Greater!

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OggPlay v0.8 is now available from:

0.8: (released 06/28/03)

- The flip-open mode has a fully graphical skin. All controls (buttons, list box, scroll bar, slider, etc.) have been replaced by custom ones. The player can support multiples skins in future versions.
- A spectrum anaylzer is visible in flip-open mode. Click on it to toggle its state (on, on+peaks, off). If you want to save some battery life time better switch it off. The analyzer needs to do a fourier transformation which obviously sucks up a bit of CPU power as well.
- The "File properties" displays more information (filename, filesize, sampling rate, nominal bitrate, number of channels).
- Chinese tags encoded in Unicode or Big5 should now both display correctly. Some ogg converters write invalid (non UTF8) tags to the ogg files. OggPlay now uses a tricky algorithm (a GPLed algorithm found on the web, based on character types and frequencies in the tags) to guess what the encoding is supposed to be.

Upcoming/planned features:

- Create playlists on-the-fly by album, artist, genre and sub-folder.
- More skins.
- Code refactoring and clean up.
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Angry Change clock alarm song

well, how i can change the annoying song of the clock alarm??

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oggplay, update

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