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How to make a playlist on the PC for W960i

As much as I love my w960i, it is a bit of a pain when it comes to creating playlists. (either that, or I am terminally stupid)

I have approx 40-odd albums on my phone, and wanted to compile a personal 'best of' playlist. However, that seems to mean selecting each item individually, and adding to the playlist piecemeal, despite the fact that Sony Ericsson seem to say that you can add entire folders to the playlist in just a few easy clicks. - Well, I've tried, through file manager, and no joy.

So, I have one of two options. Either I can spend hours of clicking on each mp3, and assigning it individually, or perhaps...I might be able to build a playlist instantly through something like Windows Media Player and connecting the w960i through Fast File Transfer mode....

However, I have already tried setting up an m3u file and a wlp file, and neither can be read by the w960i

So, a few questions here....
Is there an easy way to select folders (Not albums, but folders) in the file manager and add them to a playlist?
If not, is there a better way of creating playlists via the PC?
Finally, what is the file extension of a W960i playlist?

Thanks in advance for any help...

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ok this is what i do, i transfer all the music 2 my fone in thier proper directory, then i select all the sogns for eahc palylist i wanna make, and open them on WMP. i think go file save as, save the playlist in the same folder in the music folder on the fone. i leave it as WPL, and disconnect fone from pc, go into walkman mode, update music, and there they are, your playlists all done simply !


make, playlist, w960i

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