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Activity Monitor - Pedometer for N95

Nokia Research Centre has made available, as a technology demonstrator, Activity Monitor for the Nokia N95 and N95 8GB. It uses the accelerometer built into the phone to count the number of steps you take in a given period of time. It then uses the collected data to display various statistics including energy consumed, steps taken and distance travelled. Activity monitor is therefore best thought of as an intelligent 'super' pedometer.

Read on in the full article.

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I'm personally getting an 'update error' whether I try to install it on phone or card. And I definitely have the accelerometer files installed as other software successfully uses it. N95-1 by the way.

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Snap with above, update error
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Have a look at the N95 forum. This cannot be installed alongside the more recent beta versions of Sports Tracker that also use the accelerometer as a pedometer. Nokia are aware and have promised a Sports Tracker update in January. Having said that, I did have Activity Monitor working fine alongside the current stable version (1.49, I think) of Sports Tracker.

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A-ha! Thank you Neil.

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Works fine on mine, last firmware before the v2.0 update

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Why not just use the software they'd already written for the 5500? They didn't even need to port it, it's already an S60 3rd Edition application...

Has Nokia really written exactly the same application twice?
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the version not is compatible with Sports Tracker beta 1.64, if this is installed show error. With beta 1.63 not problem

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Angry Nokia N95 8GB Most Unreliable system

By far the most unreliable mobile systems are made by Nokia. It promises to do many things, but hardly delivers on anything 100%. I installed the Activity monitor today morning at around 11 a.m, since then it was running but the battery level never came below 50%. But at crucial times, like.. it was my cousin's marriage tomorrow but it suddenly switched off and I was never able to call my relatives some 4000 miles apart because the mobile did not function properly. I regret switching over from Sony Ericsson, though the features were less it was reliable. FYI: I have not multitasked, since morning 11 a.m I have used the mobile only for Activity Monitor and to listen to maybe 10 songs via handsfree(bluetooth). This system pissed me off so much that I was thinking to smoke although I quit 15 days ago. I have paid premium price to buy this mobile at 769 Euros. If they make such shitty mobiles maybe they should think about making something to stop their -----------

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how do i calibrate it????

i'm trying to restart the count but it doesnt let me do it.
another think is-what is the precentage of its deviation?? if its known at all.

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about nokia

It seems that Nokia N95's built-in accelerometer is the hottest news around these days. Ever since the plug-in allowing 3rd party applications access to its data went public applications have been popping up constantly.

The latest of them is the Activity Monitor and is developed by Nokia guys themselves as an alternative for the Sports tracker application. It basically acts as an electronic diary, storing summaries of your activity loads.

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houseware candid

Hi everybody, first time poster here. Iíve been using a pedometer by Telenav. It is really useful to me because I can see other peopleís bike routes and the best part is calculating the calories I can burn. (see it here: Just wondering if anybody has a calorie counter they recommend?


activity, monitor, n95, pedometer

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