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Suprised this hasn't been mentioned before as the big benefit of the large screen is improved video viewing. Does the N97 come pre installed with BBC iplayer in uk? I think the 5800 did. How good would be viewing iplayer on that 3.5inch screen! If not pre-installed, can you install it and does it run ok?

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Does it have the switch application to transfer the contacts?
Where is it better to install applications? In the internal memory or the 32 gb mass memory?
thank you

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There are indeed 2 versions floating around, the original E90 one, which does not run at all well on non-accelerated devices, and the E71 version, which does. The main difference as far as I can see is that the latter switches off texture smoothing if it cannot find a GPU. Frame rates still go down, but not nearly as much.

The videos from Asphalt 4 and NFS do look better than I had feared after seeing Bounce on the 5800...

I second the question about Xvid/Divx playback. Please let us know, and be critical.

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How does the UI speed compare to something like the N82? Faster, slower? Any graphics acceleration?

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web browsing speed......

how is the web browsing speed , when using wifi?
is it smooth, and fast?

are you able to scroll the page before it fully loads, or does it still hang the phone , just like any 5800. and you must wait until most of the page is loaded before you can scroll the web page.

how does the web browser compare to ipod..... when flash is switched off. is it any smoother with flash switched off?

being an internet phone, im pretty disappointed that, nokia didn't do much to the browser except give it kinetic scrolling. the browsers main issue was that 1. couldn't load pages with lots of pictures. 2. hangs while loading on wifi or 3g. the hang causes a PAUSE of the phone for .... a few seconds sometimes up to 10+ seconds. this is annoying.

how do you rate the web browser on the n97?

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Does the N97 come with/work with the BBC iPlayer?

Does it support SIP/Internet Calls?
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Hi guys, thanks for the Q&A. When will your first impressions review be posted? Have you come across any other N97 retail model reviews?

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How is the font size on the N97, can the size be increased?

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I was wondering if N97 can do multiple mailboxes?

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Only the 'E' series phones work correctly with Exchange Servers that apply the PIN security policy. I assume the N97 is the same as the 5800 in this respect, that is, the MfE will work as long as your Exchange server does not apply secuity policies.

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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I was wondering if N97 can do multiple mailboxes?
That's pretty much a basic feature in current S60 phones.

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Originally Posted by Super Chimp View Post
A bit off topic but why is AAS giving all this coverage to the N97 but ignoring the i8910HD?
Ignoring????? [splutter]

Ignoring???!?!?!?!? I'd LOVE to cover it in huge detail if Samsung would hurry up and send us the retail unit they've been promising now for an eternity!

So it's not intentional. I don't believe anyone has got a SIM-free device yet. Stuart Clark was writing up the Orange version..... Stuart?
Steve Litchfield, Admin, AAS

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Can you check to see if n-gage is installed as a default application? If not can your goto and install it?


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Can the pound (#) key on the keyboard (or some other key) be used to quickly select/unselect an item? Alternatively, have they come up with some GUI method for selecting a large group of items with ease?

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N-Gage on N97

Is n-gage pre-installed? If not can you download and install it from



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