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Question Wireless LAN "No Gateway Reply" when using a range extender

I am using a Zyxel Prestige P660HW-D1 (link to ZyXel site) wireless router which works fine and broadcasts my WLAN to laptop, E51, etc. Everything works great when using Zyxel only.

However, when I added a DWL-G710 Wireless G Range Extender (link to D-Link site) it resulted in a situation where I can only access WLAN through my laptop. My Nokia E51 is no longer able to connect, only giving a "No gateway reply" after a few seconds of trying to connect. My laptop, on the other hand, works great.
  • When I open up a web browser on my E51, and select the "MyHomeWLAN" access point, it starts looking for the connection (stating "Connecting via 'MyHomeWLAN') and then reports "No gateway reply". When I go to check "Menu>Connectivity>WLan Wiz" I can sometimes see two instances of "MyHomeWLAN" with the other being "Connected" (even if it is not?) and the other being "Unknown".
  • I have tried disabling WLAN Power Saving option from "Menu>Tools>Settings>Connection>Wireless LAN>Options>Advanced Settings" but that didn't help.
  • I've also tried assining a static IPv4 address to my Access Point, but it didn't help either.
  • I've deleted the Access Point information from my phone a few times and tried re-doing it via the "WLan Wizard" but that doesn't help at all.

I've got my ZyXel router set up with WEP 64bit security (Network status: Public, Network mode: Infrastructure, Key in use #1, Authentication: Open, Key format: Hex). And my D-Link range extender is also configured with the same settings: "WEP 64-bit, open" etc.

It seems to me that my laptop is somewhat smarter to handle the range extender, and that my E51 just completely loses track of the WLAN when a range extender is in use. When I pull the plug on my extender, my E51 will nicely use the ZyXel's WLAN. However, this limits me to using my E51 only downstairs and rules out rest of the house.

When I go to "Menu>Connectivity>WLAN Wiz" and select "Details" for my "MyHomeWLAN", I get to see this information:
  • Network : MyHomeWLAN
    Signal : Strong (100%)
    Mode : Infrastructure
    Security : WEP
    Coverage : 2 access pts.
    Speed : 54 Mbit/s it seems that Coverage at least is correct, but doesn't really help me since my WLan is unusable.

Any ideas? Help would be much appreciated.

Edit: My phone model/version numbers from *#0000# are as follows:
  • 100.34.20
    Nokia E51 (03.1)

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Unhappy No help?

I might not know everything to set up WLAN succesfully with E51 ... so please, if my question above is just too plain easy, then please let me know that I've done some really newbie mistake and please point me to it. Shouldn't this E51/WIFI just work? Or have I just made a too plain stupid mistake somewhere?

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I see its an old thread, anyway. Just put your own IP, dns etc. Then it will work with a range expander. Do not leave it on Automatic IP, Gateway, DNS


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