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Old 06-07-2007, 11:43 AM
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Nokia 9300 and 9500 Firmware Update

To Unregeisterd User -

I have used this service to update my Nokia 9500, 9300, 9300i and 9300b in the States. Excellent service and turnaround. All updates have been very successful. Thanks - FLG

You can read about and purchase these services from our website, iUnlock com.

Old 06-07-2007, 12:00 PM
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Nokia E90 and Nokia 9300i

Greetings -

I own and use the Nokia E61, E70, E61i, E65 and 9500/9300i. The E series does not compare with the Nokia 9500/9300i for business Exchange Outlook or BlackBerry connect mail usage in terms of capacity and overall performance.

The E series does have a better browser and VoIP feature set.

As for FAXING capabilities - many cell phone companies are starting to not support CSD services due to G3 capabilities? There are a number of eFAX services via email which work equally well on the E and 9500/9300.

Competition from Apple (iPhone) with its elegant user interface and sophistication will push the market and maybe we'll have better solution from Nokia and others in the future.

The 9500/9300i are very special phones and will be missed. FLG>>>

Old 07-07-2007, 01:12 AM
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The guys in the web site trying to show you the latest technology and instead of thanking them you just can't give them a break!!

Well welcome to technology all you power users...!!! Technology by definition CHANGE..

I know...

ZX spectrum was a very good machine ( had one) but ITS DEAD!!

the same with amstrad 464 and 6128 and amiga and pentium 133, (had all those as well) BUT THEY ARE ALL DEAD

And yes..I know.. Psion was very good ( guess what.. I had a series 5 as well) ITS DEAD as well

or more precise obsolete!!

Its like when I was designing the 3G network back in 2000 for vodafone UK we decided to drop the old TACS system ( that's analogue...for all the power user inda house) WHY?? because it was obsolete!!

The same happen to the tape recorder , S80 and unfortunately to Faxes and yes I know that they are still part of some all-in-one printers (just like tape players to mini stereo systems) but either you like it or not they are OBSOLETE!! Grow up and get over it!!!

Yes I know that nokia is not perfect, having said that since I have worked for many different operators the last 10 years and read internal performance reports about different handsets they always score high to very important areas such as received signal level, quality, and other features that make them more capable to handle the harsh RF environment.

And I challenge any of you guys to find me a TRUE convergence device in the market with the capabilities of the E90 ( N95 comes close but fail on screen size and battery) and its the size of a book!!!

If you guys like 9500 or 9300 with you fax support and S80 but NO: edge, 3g hspa, wifi, colour screen, 3.2 mpixel autofocus camera....I can keep going all day.. then fine dont buy it

Or for all of you Fax experts, out there Why... oh why dont you create ur own fax application for E90??? Or even just carry a Fax with you where ever you go ..maybe a 9.6k modem as well

Or you all of you Psion lovers why dont you connect your E90 (somehow!!) to a black and white tv so you can have some Psion love!!!

OR just dont buy it at and let me enjoy my E90 with peace whilst I am browsing and writing this response. And by the way,just a quick note for all E61users out there ( very good phone..guess what..I still have one) yes it's true I can type wayyyy.. faster on the E90...

And yes Iphone is going to be a killer but not just yet..maybe in Christmas when O2 uk launches the improved 3G version!!

Just a final thought if you guys are so used to all this obsolete hardware & software ...maybe you are Obsolete as well.. scary thought!!

The not power user!!!


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