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Lightbulb N95 Product Code FAQs and how to change your product code [all debranding]

You guys always talk about changing product codes on your N95s - why do I want to do this and how do I do it?

What IS the product code on my N95? Aren't they all RM-159 devices?

RM-159 is indeed the phone type for the N95 (standard). However the reason for different product codes is to enable a way for the phones, networks, update tools and other interested parties to know which network / country / version of the N95 you have. Each network has it's own product code. Each colour variant has it's own product code. Each language pack has it's own product code. There are many of them...

So why do I want to change the product code on my N95?

When Nokia release a new firmware, they tend to release it for the generic, vanilla, unbranded handsets only. Network / operator branded handsets don't see the same firmwares released at the same time, as the firmwares have to go to the networks and be branded / altered, then tested, then released. This means that network branded versions of firmwares generally aren't available for at least 2 months after the generic ones are released.

How can I find out the product code of my N95?

The product code for your N95 is written on the phone's ID sticker, which lives under the battery. The code is a 7 digit number and usually starts with a 0.

So I can use any product code, right?

You have to be very careful about which product code you use. N95 and N95 8GB codes enable completely different software builds, which may result in lots of problems on your phone due to hardware differences between them. You should only use a code which you know will be OK on your phone. (Generally, most people will want to use a EURO1 code, or other language pack generic code) This thread has a comprehensive listing of N95 and N95 8GB product codes.

This is legal, right? Does this affect my warranty in any way?
While it is legal to change the product code of your phone, it DOES void your warranty with Nokia (and your network) as you have altered the phone from the way it was configured when you purchased the phone.

So will I still get support for my N95?
Generally, yes. Most Nokia service centres (certainly in the UK) won't mind that you've changed the product code. However, as a rule of thumb, should you need support for your phone, it's a good idea to ensure you change the phone back to it's real product code before seeking support.
Nokia (UK) WILL NOT repair phones with the wrong product codes, so if your phone is being sent to Nokia it is very important that the code is correct. Obviously this could be a problem if your phone is completely dead and can't be accessed - your first point of contact in this case should be to talk to your local Nokia service centre and tell them that you need the product code changed back.

OK, I've taken all that how do I actually change this product code?
To change the product code on your N95 you will need the freely available Nemesis Service Suite, which can be downloaded from

(screenshots coming soon)
1) Install NSS onto your computer. The latest versions work with both Windows XP and Windows Vista.
2) Connect your N95 to your computer, via USB, in PC Suite mode.
3) Launch NSS.
4) Click on the magnifying glass in the top right of the NSS window. This should then detect your phone and bring up it's info.
5) When your phone has been found, click on the Phone Info button and wait for it to read more info from your phone.
6) Now click on the Read button on the right hand side of the screen. You will see the phone's product code, H/W code, manufacturing date and IMEI number displayed.
7) Choose the product code you want to use (remember the codes for the N95 classic are different to the 8Gb). Generally, the EURO1 code should meet most people's needs.
8) Overtype the product code with the one you have chosen from the Product Codes thread (see above)
9) Tick the Enable box and then press Write
Your product code has now been changed. You can quit NSS and now open Nokia Software updater to update your phone in the normal manner.

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