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How to hide an application?

I've installed an sms forwarder because I suspect my wife is cheating.

However, when she looks into the apps and see SMS.Forwarder, I think she might get suspicious.

Is there any way to hide an installed third party application for the N95?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Just a thought, if she pays the bill and it's itemised, will she not see every second text goes to your number? If the bill goes straight to you this isn't an issue.

What about an app that will dump a copy of all texts onto her handset in a pre-set/hidden folder which you can retrieve at the end of the day.

[edit] I'm sure one of the task managers available can hide tasks, not sure which but no doubt someone more knowledgeable will be along to help

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Completely off topic, but from experience if you think your partner is cheating, then you have three simple options.

1. Internal reflection, figure out if it is you that actually has trust issues, if yes, give yourself an attitude adjustment real quick.
2. Compassionately talk it over, ask her if she is having an affair, do not get angry if the answer is not what you want to hear. If she is, then find out why, maybe you can fix it, maybe not. If it bothers you then leave, otherwise stay if there is a chance and you want to work on some repairs.
3. Leave the relationship right now.

Spying is a pointless waste of energy. Sure, you might think you will have sweet revenge if it turns out that you were right. Such victories are fleeting and entirely shallow though. If you are wrong about your suspicions, then give yourself a massive smack upside the head and never do it again. Insecurity will kill relationships every time.

The fact that you want to check up on her is more than enough insight to know that you have communication issues. Quit with the spying, step up and make a command decision instead of doing the cowardly thing.

Please don't read this as if I am flaming you, quite the opposite.

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