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Originally Posted by davekolmer View Post
I was a Symbian/EPOC32 user since my first Psion 5 when it was just released (wish someone would make a redux of it with top-end specs!), but two months ago switched to Android (MyTouch 3G Slide). I can hardly begin to describe how much more enjoyable it has been than my previous Nokia with S60v3. More useful, integrated, expandable, intuitive, consistent and just plain more FUN. Google Navigation is fantastic and the developer support is astonishing...and astonishingly easy to access through the Android Marketplace. My phone calendar and tasks are synced continuously with my Google Calendar (which recently received a major facelift) and apps are being updated all the time...and Android notifies me of their availability. I was a staunch defender of Nokia but now feel like I was living in the dark ages! To be fair, I have never used any of the touch versions of Symbian, but at this point it would take a lot to make me switch back to Nokia. I do wish them well, and the N8 looks like a step in the right direction.
Your post sums up my experience totally. I too came from S60v3 (E72) and while the phone could do everything the other phones can, the experience can be horrible. I purchased a Nexus One in June and I am extremely happy. If MeeGo can deliver then I will think about returning to Nokia.

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Symbian is so complicated and unneccessary, compared to android that in itself is the problem, who cares what symbian has to offer it its so labourious and difficult to set up and it is, who cares how good the N97 might be now 90% of people who bought it have patched it hacked it or updated it they've binned it only us geeks or wanna be geeks do that.

Come on nokia make a simple to use os and put it on a p910i like hardware

Old 12-08-2010, 02:54 PM
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In Symbian^3's defense

I'm so over the arguments presented against symbian especially from US subscribers who seem brainwashed by some close-minded tech media and enslaved by the 4 main local carriers there.
Arguably, iPhone, Android are prettier to look at with higher res. screens- that's it. Their phones are higher spec'd because these OSs demand more in terms of processing power.
Symbian is lean, truly mobile, the most customizable and has just as many apps out there. You don't believe me? Hit up websites like or to see what some power users are putting their phones through. The Android market place and Apple app stores were easy to organize because they didn't have to sift through 7-8 yrs of apps to approve and include in their respective stores, they started from scratch. If all gr8 apps the Handy collection, Smartphoneware collection, Psiloc, etc. could were included in the Ovi store, there would be a significant increase in downloads.
So much has to be done to these other OSs to get simple user functions: like hacking an iPhone or installing a 3rd party app to change the wallpaper or be able to send and receive files via bluetooth; rooting an Android device to get Wifi tethering and other basic functions. Joikuspot has been around for years on symbian and winmo i think.
Symbian^3 looks set to deliver with the fastest processor ever on a Symbian device and a GPU to go with that. Sure I wish the screen was a higher resolution and that it had a bigger battery, but the phone isn't out yet. Who knows? Maybe it will be satisfactory. AMOLED is great to look at and the phone has been demonstrated to play .mkv files at 720p. Go ahead, admit it, that's impressive stuff.
So while symbian has lagged in the US market, it's pretty much been appreciated everywhere else with the exception of certain types of users who do more web browsing and media consumption than anything else. So I understand the switch to other platforms but for those who haven't as yet, wait for some real life user reviews on the N8. It looks as promising and as game changing as the N95 in 2006 and coming from the same designer, I'm optmistic that I didn't sell my N86 and resurrect my N82 in anticipation for nothing


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