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Nokia Custom Dictionary for predictive text

Nokia Beta Labs has debuted a utility for both S60 3rd Edition and 5th Edition phones to enable the editing of words in your phone's predictive text dictionary, a long-awaited function. There's a video to explain what's covered and links below.

Read on in the full article.

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About time.

A feature like this should have been part of the OS from the start. Symbian should look at building this in as part of the next release.

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Excellent idea, and great for deleting that one word you manually spelt ages ago but now pops up everytime you write something else.

I noticed the T9 changed in the way it handled stuff between v11 and v20, and it didn't seem to re-learn words back out again no matter how many times you typed it afterwards. Might have been a ploy by Nokia though, as I now use the QWERTY keyboard more for texting.

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Piece of REALLY useful advice for you however folks...

For many phones, including the N86, and N82, there is no option to DELETE a wrongly created wonky custom word.

I HAVE found a really easy way around this though to DELETE words you don't want (or at least it so far seems so...).

To DELETE a wrongly created custom word, in your word list, do the following...
  • Click the middle button to select/highlight to word you want to delete.
  • The word should now have it's characters all highlighted already. DO NOT deselect them.


    SCRATCH my last..

    If you get the message "Cannot Edit Words" on loading up, the changes do not get saved.

    In other words, if you see this message on loading up the application, in effect, the application simply does not WORK for that model of phone.

    USELESS then...

    Waste of time for most handset owners, given how many phones this applies to.
  • Instead, just press the letter "a", to change the wrong word, to "a" instead, then click ok.
  • And what it seems to have the effect of doing, is CHANGING your wrong word, to the letter, a, BUT then realising "a" already exists as a proper word, and thus dropping it from the Custom Dictionary.

The net result however, is DELETION fo your wrongly spelt word.

Don't ask me WHY with such a tool, we can't just go down and tick to select multiple words, and then choose DELETE, or even just have a delete option one by one.

Over to you, Nokia Beta Labs, for an answer, or to put in the next version please!
Now on to my 71st mobile handset since my first ever Ericsson (not S.E.) GA688, with the advent of my new HTC Desire Android phone, as Symbian was just too old now (after 67 Nokias)...

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This should definitely be available in all Symbian phones, I'm glad it works on 3rd Edition. I've got lots of weird spellings in my N82 that have accrued to make it a hindrance and not a help.

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On my E71, to delete a word in my dictionary, I just press the backspace key once and it is gone. Keep pressing it and the selected words will delete one by one.

I haven't tried this on my N-series units but won't just pressing the C button also delete the selected word?

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N79 (3rd Ed FP2) says only supports backup up and adding words, at present of course as its Beta, so this may change in future - please!

However, wanting to delete some words, I backed up my dictionary, removed the unwanted words using a text editor on my laptop, deleted the phone's copy of the current dictionary (delete c:\predic\*.dat), then imported my customised dictionary file. Happy days!

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Hmm is does not seem to autocomplete any words for me on my 5800. Does anyone have the same problem as me or does anyone have it working on a 5800?

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Works well on my E55.

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predictive text nightmare

I have a new Nokia 5530 is the absolute pits with the predictive speach. It doesn't even load up "I" it puts G.........and upteen loads of other stupid other nokia's I haven't had a problem with them but this thing in a nightmare. How can I fix it??????

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Thumbs down

it doesn t work on my nokia 5800 either


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