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Old 07-11-2006, 08:12 PM
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Question help me n80 flash gone wrong

i have an nokia n80 on vodafone

i followed all the instructions, changed the product code of my handset.

i went onto the nokia software updater, it picked up and started downloading the new firmware. when it started top upload onto me phone 'signs' started to appear on my computer (nokia BB5....) and it also asked for the CD to find nmwcd.sys???

heres where i panic!!!!!

and i didnt know what to do, i insrted the CD in and nothing happened, now i have a dead nokia N80

please can u help me revive my handset!!!!!!

Old 07-11-2006, 09:56 PM
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i need product code N70 australia or similar country pleas advise me if i can use this one safe to use

product code N70 0523982
Note that in the above, all codes are (I think) for FRANCE

like if i use it will i brick my phone

Old 08-11-2006, 11:44 AM
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Originally Posted by ss3000
i have an nokia n80 on vodafone


please can u help me revive my handset!!!!!!
If you actually read through this thread you'd have found that WPKenny has already posted good instructions for doing just that.

Old 08-11-2006, 04:39 PM
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still cant flash!?!?!??!

hey thanks for the help, but my n80 seems to be alive. after the flashing went wrong i just disconnected the data cable and took the battery out. when i plugged it back in then the phone started working on the old firmware and running v 3.06 (42.02)

but now i need help on how i can fix this problem!!! i tried flashing again and the same problem occured.

i uninstalled everything that is nokia related on my computer and will try it again.

do u think the problem mite have occured because of the code i entered?? i didnt enter the one stated on the txt file. i thought i was for france so i used the code someone posted on this forum instead.
(UK smooth stainless steel...)

should i use the code on the document???


Old 10-11-2006, 10:48 PM
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sorry i'm a new to this forum but where do you guys find the nokia product code?

6680 - 0521637

6630 - 0518104

the guide says it's for france, does that mean the firmware is in french?
i googled for like an hours with no sucess... can somebody help me to find unbranded product code for nokia 6630, 6680 english verison for uk?
any help is appreciated...............

Old 18-11-2006, 12:15 AM
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hello can anyone help me here? i have a bb5 phone and received a network unlock code from my service provider i entered it into the phone but got it wrong (3rd attempt) will a re flash of the generic firmware get rid of the sim code restriction from the phone so i can re enter the code correctly this time?

Old 18-11-2006, 09:39 PM
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er... anyone tried updating with just the Nokia Updater -so no faffing around with NSS and GSM Magic?

Well, I couldn't get NSS to detect my phone for some reason, so I just updated with the Nokia Updater.

Worked fine! And it un-phoenixed my phone...

My original Firmware (that came with the phone):-

V 3.0614.0.3
Nokia N80 (42.02)

After Phoenix in June this year:

V 3.0617.06
Nokia N80 (02)

After a Nokia Updater Update:

Nokia N80 (42.03)

Am I reading these correctly?

Old 21-11-2006, 09:47 PM
giginger giginger is offline
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Thumbs up Thanks!

Just joined up to say thanks for this awesome thread. I'd got fed up with Oranges stupid idea of crippling a phone with their idea of what it should have. Went through this guide tonight and worked a treat. Initially the NSU told me I had the firmware but I decided to throw caution to the wind and let it reinstall it. All seems to be working and I'm receiving an FOTA update which is installing as I type.

Thanks again for this awesome thread.

Old 24-11-2006, 06:21 PM
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6630 RM-1 EURO Standard Edition

0518104 France
0518141 France
0517773 Euro1
0630780 Euro1
0518190 Euro1
0518191 Euro1
0518119 Switzerland
0518144 Switzerland
0518120 Italy (Italian)
0518145 Italy (Italian)
0518142 Ger_Tur
0518117 Ger_Tur
0518118 Alps
0518143 Alps
0518121 Scandinavia1
0516982 Scandinavia1
0518122 Scandinavia2
0518146 Scandinavia2
0518123 Iceland
0518147 Iceland
0518124 Benelux1
0518148 Benelux1
0518149 Benelux2
0518125 Benelux2
0518168 Hebrew
0518107 Hebrew
0518138 CIS
0518163 CIS
0518126 Estonia
0518150 Estonia
0518127 Latvia
0518151 Latvia
0518128 Lithuania
0518152 Lithuania
0518129 Poland
0518153 Poland
0518130 Czech_Slovakia
0518154 Czech_Slovakia
0518131 Hungary
0518155 Hungary
0518132 Croatia
0518156 Croatia
0518157 Slovenia
0518133 Slovenia
0518134 Romania
0518159 Romania
0518135 Turkey
0518160 Turkey
0518136 Spain
0518161 Spain
0518137 Portugal
0518162 Portugal
0518105 Greece
0518166 Greece
0518167 Russia
0518106 Russia
0519362 Russia
0519363 Russia
0518139 Bulgaria
0518164 Bulgaria
0518140 Serbia
0518165 Serbia
0518108 Arabic
0518169 Arabic
0518192 Arabic
0518193 Arabic

6630 RM-1 EURO Music Edition

0527820 France Music Lime Green
0527821 France Music Rustic Red
0529313 France Music Aluminium Grey
0527803 Euro 1 Music Lime Green
0527804 Euro 1 Music Rustic Red
0528324 Euro 1 Music Grey
0529305 Euro 1 Music Aluminium Grey
0527801 Italy Music Lime Green (Italian)
0527802 Italy Music Rustic Red (Italian)
0529304 Italy Music Aluminium Grey
0527806 Germany3 Music Lime Green
0527807 Germany3 Music Rustic Red
0529306 Germany3 Music Aluminium Grey
0527810 Alps Music Lime Green
0527811 Alps Music Rustic Red
0529308 Alps Music Aluminium Grey
0527822 Scand 1 Music Lime Green
0527823 Scandinavia 1 Music Rustic Red
0529314 Scandinavia 1 Music Aluminium Grey
0527818 Benelux1 Music Lime Green
0527819 Benelux1 Music Rustic Red
0529312 Benelux1 Music Aluminium Grey
0529681 Estonia Music Rustic Red
0529682 Latvia Music Rustic Red
0529683 Lithuania Music Rustic Red
0529582 Poland Music Aluminium Grey
0529583 Poland Music Rustic Red
0527814 Turkey Music Lime Green
0527815 Turkey Music Rustic Red
0529310 Turkey Music Aluminium Grey
0527812 Spain Music Lime Green
0527813 Spain Music Rustic Red
0529309 Spain Music Aluminium Grey
0527808 Portugal Music Lime Green
0527809 Portugal Music Rustic Red
0529307 Portugal Music Aluminium Grey
0529584 Greece Music Aluminium Grey
0529585 Greece Music Rustic Red
0527816 Russia Music Lime Green
0527817 Russia Music Rustic Red
0529311 Russia Music Aluminium Grey
0529971 Bulgaria Music Aluminium Grey
0529970 Serbia Music Aluminium Grey
0527824 Arabic Music Lime Green
0527825 Arabic Music Rustic Red
0529315 Arabic Music Aluminium Grey


6680 RM-36

0521749 Euro 1 Stainless Silver (Italian without Imode)


N70 RM-84 EURO Standard Edition

0522157 Euro-1 / Stainless Silver & Black (Italian)
0523737 Euro-1 / Ivory Pearl & Aubergine (Italian)
0523980 France / Ivory Pearl & Aubergine
0523982 France / Stainless Silver & Black
0523985 Alps / Ivory Pearl & Aubergine
0523986 Alps / Stainless Silver & Black
0523987 Euro-2 / Ivory Pearl & Aubergine
0523988 Euro-2 / Stainless Silver & Black
0523989 Turkey / Ivory Pearl & Aubergine
0523990 Turkey / Stainless Silver & Black
0523991 South africa / Ivory Pearl & Aubergine
0523992 South africa / Stainless Silver & Black
0523993 Scandinavia / Ivory Pearl & Aubergine
0523994 Scandinavia / Stainless Silver & Black
0524005 Baltian / Ivory Pearl & Aubergine
0524006 Baltian / Stainless Silver & Black
0524007 Russian / Stainless Silver & Black
0524008 Russian / Ivory Pearl & Aubergine
0524009 CIS, Bulgaria / Ivory Pearl & Aubergine
0524010 CIS, Bulgaria / Stainless Silver & Black
0524086 Ukraine / Stainless Silver & Black
0524088 Ukraine / Ivory Pearl & Aubergine
0524089 Romania / Ivory Pearl & Aubergine
0524091 Romania / Stainless Silver & Black
0524090 Hungary, Czech, Slovakia & Poland / Ivory Pearl & Aubergine
0524092 Hungary, Czech, Slovakia & Poland / Stainless Silver & Black
0524099 Balkans / Ivory Pearl & Aubergine
0524100 Balkans / Stainless Silver & Black
0524105 Greece & Cyprus / Ivory Pearl & Aubergine
0524106 Greece & Cyprus / Stainless Silver & Black
0524107 Lebanon / Ivory Pearl & Aubergine
0524108 Lebanon / Stainless Silver & Black
0524109 Gulf / Ivory Pearl & Aubergine
0524110 Gulf / Stainless Silver & Black
0524111 Israel / Ivory Pearl & Aubergine
0524112 Israel / Stainless Silver & Black
0533531 Euro-1 / Black and Stainless Silver - refresh
0533652 France / Black and Stainless Silver - refresh
0533653 Alps / Black and Stainless Silver - refresh
0533654 Euro-2 / Black and Stainless Silver - refresh
0533655 Turkey / Black and Stainless Silver - refresh
0533677 South africa / Black and Stainless Silver - refresh
0533681 Scandinavia / Black and Stainless Silver - refresh
0533682 Baltian / Black and Stainless Silver - refresh
0533691 Russian / Black and Stainless Silver - refresh
0533694 Ukraine / Black and Stainless Silver - refresh
0533695 CIS, Bulgaria / Black and Stainless Silver - refresh
0533696 Hungary, Czech, Slovakia & Poland / Black and Stainless Silver - refresh
0533699 Balkans / Black and Stainless Silver - refresh
0533700 Greece & Cyprus / Black and Stainless Silver - refresh
0533702 Lebanon / Black and Stainless Silver - refresh
0533703 Gulf / Black and Stainless Silver - refresh
0533704 Israel / Black and Stainless Silver - refresh
0533705 Romania / Black and Stainless Silver - refresh

N70 RM-84 EURO Music Edition

0536418 Euro-1 / Music edition (Italian)
0539211 France / Music edition
0539212 ALPS / Music edition
0539213 Euro-2 / Music edition
0539214 Turkey / Music edition
0539216 South Africa / Music edition
0539218 Scandinavia / Music edition
0539221 Baltian / Music edition
0539222 Russian / Music edition
0539224 Ukraine / Music edition
0539226 CIS, Bulgaria / Music edition
0539229 Hun, Czech, Slov / Music edition
0539232 Balkans / Music edition
0539233 Greece/Cyprus / Music edition
0539237 Lebanon / Music edition
0539240 GULF / Music edition
0539242 Israel / Music edition
0539243 Romania / Music edition
0539244 Belarus/Moldova / Music edition
0543026 MEA1 / Music edition
0543027 MEA2 / Music edition

N70 RM-84 APAC

0524113 Taiwan / Stainless Silver & Black
0524114 Taiwan / Ivory Pearl and Aubergine
0524115 Hong Kong / Ivory Pearl and Aubergine
0524116 Hong Kong / Stainless Silver & Black
0524117 APAC1 / Ivory Pearl and Aubergine
0524118 APAC1 / Stainless Silver & Black
0524119 Philippines / Ivory Pearl and Aubergine
0524120 Philippines / Stainless Silver & Black
0524122 Australia, New Zealand / Stainless Silver & Black
0524123 Australia, New Zealand / Ivory Pearl and Aubergine
0524124 Thailand / Ivory Pearl and Aubergine
0524125 Thailand / Stainless Silver & Black
0524126 Indonesia / Ivory Pearl and Aubergine
0524127 Indonesia / Stainless Silver & Black
0524128 India, Vietnam / Ivory Pearl and Aubergine
0524129 India, Vietnam / Stainless Silver


N73 RM-133

0527009: Euro 1 (Deep Plum) (Italian)
0529568: France (Deep Plum)
0529569: Alps (Deep Plum)
0529602: Euro 2 (Deep Plum)
0529603: Turkey (Deep Plum)
0529604: South Africa (Deep Plum)
0529605: Scandinavia (Deep Plum)
0529606: Baltian (Deep Plum)
0529607: Russian (Deep Plum)
0529608: Ukraine (Deep Plum)
0529609: Cis (Deep Plum)
0529780: Hungary (Deep Plum)
0529781: Balkans (Deep Plum)
0529782: Greece (Deep Plum)
0529784: Lebanon (Deep Plum)
0529785: Gulf (Deep Plum)
0529786: Israel (Deep Plum)
0529787: Romania (Deep Plum)
0529789: Israel (Met Red)
0529790: Euro 1 (Met Red) (Italian)
0529792: Euro 2 (Met Red)
0529793: Turkey (Met Red)
0529794: Balkans (Met Red)
0529795: Ukraine (Met Red)
0529796: Greece (Met Red)
0529797: Cis (Met Red)
0529799: Hungary (Met Red)
0529801: Romania (Met Red)
0529803: Gulf (Met Red)
0529804: Baltian (Met Red)
0529805: France (Met Red)
0529806: Alps (Met Red)
0529807: South Africa (Met Red)
0529809: Scandinavia (Met Red)
0529810: Lebanon (Met Red)
0529811: Russian (Met Red)
0537287: Belarus Moldova (Met Red)
0537288: Belarus Moldova (Deep Plum)

N73 RM-133 EURO Music Edition

0537289 Euro 1

N73 RM-133 APAC Music Edition

0539343 -> APAC 1 -> Chinese, English
0539346 -> Philippines -> English, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philipino
0539349 -> Australia/New Zealand -> English, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philipino
0539352 -> Indonesia -> English, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philipino
0539354 -> India/Vietnam -> English, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philipino
0539351 -> Thailand -> English, Thai

Old 24-11-2006, 06:22 PM
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U01 ADSP Userarea
U02 ADSP Userarea
U03 ADSP Userarea
U04 ADSP Userarea
U21 ADSP Userarea
U22 ADSP Userarea
U23 ADSP Userarea
V01 Euro 1 / Alps / France
V02 Euro 2 / South Africa / Turkey
V02 Euro 2
V02 (U02) Turkey / South Africa
V03 Scandinavia
V04 Baltian
V05 Moldovia / Belarus / CIS / Bulgaria / Ukraine / Russia
V05 Russia / Romania
V05 (U02) Moldavia / Belarus / Ukraine / CIS / Bulgaria
V06 Euro 3
V07 Greece / Cyprus / Balkans
V07 Greece / Cyprus
V07 (U02) Balkans
V08 Gulf / Lebanon
V09 Romania / Israel
V09 (U02) Israel
V11 APAC 1
V31 (U21) Orange UK
V32 MobileOne
V33 O2 UK postpay
V34 Sweden CV
V37 Globe
V39 Smart
V40 Telenor
V41 Mobitel
V44 (U23) Optus Zoo
V45 (U02) 3 UK
V47 TIM Greece
V49 SingTel
V51 Vodafone NL
V55 (U02) 3 Austria
V56 (U21) Mobilkom
V57 (U02) VF New Zealand
V59 Pannon
V61 T-Mobile Croatia
V62 Turkcell
V63 TIM Italy
V64 Optimus Zone
V66 Maxis Malaysia
V67 Celcom Malaysia
V68 (U03) Australia CV
V70 Indonesia CV
V72 Proximus
V74 France CV
V76 Elisa
V77 Saunalahti
V79 TMNi9
V82 (U02) H3G ROI
V83 Tele2 Norway
V84 Mobil Slovenia
V85 (U22) Telstra BigPond Australia
V86 O2 Germany
V87 T-Mobile Hungary


N93 RM-55 EMEA

0523536 Eur A Pearl Black (Italian)
0523601 Eur A Aluminum Grey
0531236 France Pearl Black
0531237 Alps Pearl Black
0531254 France Aluminum Grey
0531255 Alps Aluminum Grey
0531238 Euro 2 Pearl Black
0531239 Turkey Pearl Black
0531240 South Africa Pearl Black
0531256 Euro2 Aluminum Grey
0531257 Turkey Aluminum Grey
0531258 South Africa Alumin.Grey
0531241 Scandinavia Pearl Black
0531259 Scandinavia Alumin. Grey
0531242 Baltian Pearl Black
0531260 Baltian Aluminum Grey
0531243 Russian Pearl Black
0531244 Ukraine Pearl Black
0531245 Cis Bulgaria Pearl Black
0531261 Russian Aluminum Grey
0531262 Ukraine Aluminum Grey
0531263 Cis Bulgaria Alumin.Grey
0531246 Euro3 Pearl Black
0531264 Euro3 Aluminum Grey
0531247 Balkans Pearl Black
0531249 Greece Cypros P. Black
0531265 Balkans Aluminum Grey
0531267 Greece Cypros Aluminum Grey
0531250 Lebanon Pearl Black
0531251 Gulf Pearl Black
0531268 Lebanon Aluminum Grey
0531269 Gulf Aluminum Grey
0531253 Romania Pearl Black
0531271 Romania Aluminum Grey


0531008 Hongkong Pearl Black
0531019 Hongkong Aluminum Grey
0531007 Taiwan Pearl Black
0531018 Taiwan Aluminum Grey
0523732 Apac 1 Pearl Black
0531020 Apac 1 Aluminum Grey
0531015 Indonesia Pearl Black
0531016 India Pearl Black
0531073 Indonesia Aluminum Grey
0531074 India Aluminum Grey
0531010 Au/Nz Pearl Black
0531036 Au/Nz Aluminum Grey
0531009 Philippines Pearl Black
0531021 Philippines Alumin. Grey
0531014 Thailand Pearl Black
0531069 Thailand Aluminum Grey
0523733 Us Pearl Black
0531274 Us Aluminum Grey
0531272 Lta Pearl Black
0531275 Lta Aluminum Grey
0531273 Brazil Pearl Black
0531276 Brazil Aluminum Grey


E61 RM-89 Standard Edition

0523307 Euro-A Silver (English, Nederlands)
0529654 Euro-B1 Silver (English, Svenska, Suomi)
0529660 Euro-B2 Silver (English, Dansk, Norsk)
0529661 Euro-C Silver (English, Deutsch, Turkçe, Eesti)
0529663 Euro-D Silver (English, Français, Nederlands)
0529664 Euro-E1 Silver (English, Espanol)
0530146 Euro-E2 Silver (English, Portugues)
0530080 Euro-F Silver (English, Turkçe, Deutsch)
0530081 Euro-G1 Silver (English, Deutsch, Cestina)
0532623 Euro-G2 Silver (English, Deutsch, Slovencina)
0530082 Euro-H Silver (English, Greek)
0530083 Euro-I Silver (English, Magyar, Deutsch)
0530084 Euro-J Silver (English, Polski, Deutsch)
0530091 Euro-L Silver (English, Hrvatski, Deutsch, Slovenscina, Srpski)
0530093 Euro-M Silver (English, Italian)

Old 24-11-2006, 11:16 PM
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Apologies if this is old news but i haven't been on this forum for quite a while

I was just on the nokia site looking for my closest NSC, so I could take it to get the firmware upgraded.

Probably the old news time - you can update the N80 firmware from the site

absolute piece of piss

Old 25-11-2006, 11:42 AM
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Originally Posted by skibeaver
updated product code ok with NSS
but NSU will not start
Could it be an issue with my router blocking the ports?
So near yet so far
Both Phoenix and NSU refuse to load on my Dell PC but work fine on my Laptop...

The Dell has a Dual Core P4 CPU and Windows XP Media Centre Edition
My Laptop has a Pentium Single-Core CPU and Windows XP Home

Does your PC have a dual-core CPU or XP MCE?


Old 28-11-2006, 01:38 AM
janoflan janoflan is offline
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I too have ended up with a brick, I have managed to install phoenix but it refuses to recognise my phone. I was wondering if WPKenny could assist?

Firstly could you upload your firmware? I am unable to find a copy

Phoenix does not recognise my phone in usb mode and will not flash with the firmware I have selected, any solutions?

I am in warrenty and have opted for Orange Care so I'm not completely at sea but would like to try to fix it myself (although with you guys help) before I pay orange to do it.

many thanks

Old 01-12-2006, 12:58 AM
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hello, I hope someone can point me in the right direction. I'm following the steps on the tutorial at the start of this great thread.
I have successfully dowloaded and installed NSS

My probem is the next program - gsm_magic

I can't open this .rar extension therefore can't install the program

Does anyone have simple solution please?

Many Thanks in Advance

Old 01-12-2006, 03:39 AM
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Try this link -


app, firmware, generic, nokias, update

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