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Increase maximum volume E70 headphones

Hello everybody,

I am very happy with my E70, my only complaint being the speed, perhaps, but that is not what I would like to ask you about today.
I recently got a pair of headphones I use together with Nokia's basic pop-port-to-3.5mm device, and it works very well; the sound is great but, especially when I'm in crowded places, too quiet even at the highest volume setting. I have tried to get around this problem by using the equaliser, but this increased sound artifacts to an intolerable level. Is there another way I haven't considered or will I have to live with my quiet music?

Thanks a lot in advance,


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2 solutions:

- Get a pair of noise-canceling earphones (there are passive ones which are very light and tiny but but can be quite uncomfortable to wear and active ones which tends to be quite bulky and may not be as efficient as passive ones but very conformable). You'll not only be able to hear you music no matter how much noise is around you but you'll also be able to enjoy your music a lot more as you won't be listening to mixture of music and surrounding noise and you'll prevent damaging your ears (listening to music at stupidly high volume to cover surrounding noise isn't that good for your ears).

- Get a good dedicated MP3 player. Despite all this convergence hype, dedicated devices still work a lot better and are a lot easier to use than all-in-one devices.

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The best long-term solution is to shoot the eurocrats who dreamed up the regulation. And shoot the executives at Nokia who decided to implement the volume throttling on machines sold outside the EU sphere of influence as well.

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The problem sounds like a mismatch between the impedance of the Nokia 3.5mm output and your headphones. 32 Ohm ear phones connected to an 8 Ohm output will be very quiet compared to 8 Ohm ear phones. I had the same problem with Sony-Ericsson ear-buds into a Nokia AD-41 adapter. Switching back to the Nokia ear-buds gave much better levels although the Nokia buds are less comfortable than the Sony-Ericssons.


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