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Preview of the upcoming N95 firmware?

OK, don't get too excited, a forum member (Vineeth) on Symbian Freak has been playing with a build of the upcoming firmware (v21) for the Nokia N95, demoing version number and some features via Remote Device Access. The new firmware isn't public yet (though the number of people trying every day must be in the 10s of thousands by now) but the good news is that it includes demand paging and the active standby Search integration.

Read on in the full article.

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Can't wait for this to be released

I wonder if this update breaks installing 3rd party wait, that's some other company, that's not Nokia or a proper phone manufacturer

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I found something interesting.This N95-1 firmware and also a new firmware for N95-2-15.0.002 from 15.10 2007 are not final and include WRT:"We have made a special arrangement to provide support for Widget developers. One of the N95s and the N95 8GB now have special firmware versions that include WRT - Web Run-time for Widgets. These are not final firmware versions, but you can use them for beta testing. These are special releases so there may still be some underlying issues/missing features. There is an example video about this service on MOSH."I wonder if this will be included in the final firmware and if N82 will receive this kind of firmware in the future?

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Does anyone know if this version will have the Nokia Maps version where Nokia REMOVED the "start tracking" feature?

If so, Nokia can kiss my ass. I'll never leave v12. How dare them make me pay for a feature that was free after I bought the phone. It's categorically wrong, and I can't believe more people aren't calling Nokia out on this.

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Eh? All the latest versions of Nokia Maps seem to track just fine. Maybe we're talking at cross purposes? When I drive, the GPS position moves happily and the map scrolls, etc. Now if I could only remember to adjust the backlight settings before starting off 8-)

What they removed was the GPS icon in the 'show route' mode, to stop people trying to use this as a freebie driver's navigation mode - partly to help drive revenues of the full voice guidance mode and partly because it was incredibly dangerous, I almost crashed several times trying to follow what was going on on screen!
Steve Litchfield, Admin, AAS

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It's amazing. This is why Nokia is getting away with it. No one even noticed it was gone. No, what they removed was:

"start tracking"

Plan a route. Then click on options and you can select the three options:

Start navigation
Start tracking
Start simulation

They removed the "Start tracking" option because Nokia believes in bait and switching their customers. This was an option of the navigation and they removed it. Shame on them.

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Demand paging is great

If there is demand paging in the new firmware then that is the best thing that could have happen to the N95 original owners.

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Applies to N95-3?

Does this firmware apply to N95-3 owners? As far as us N95-3 owners go, we're running firmware 10.2.006 and seem to have demand paging already while N95-1 owners are running firmware v12. Does each model run on it's own independent firmware versions?

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lost track?

if nokia really have removed the maps 'start tracking' feature from new n95 firmwares that will be a shame.

i can understand the safety issues if you are driving and looking at the screen, but i tend to get my passenger to watch the screen or, more often, i am the passenger myself using the n95 to guide us.

as unregistered observes, looks like an underhand way for nokia to increase aftersale revenues.

hope the new features, demand paging etc make up for it - and i hope the pesky keypress bug is gone!

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Thumbs up N95 8gb / FW 15.0.007

seems there is now also "WRT build" 15.0.007 on one of the N95 8GBs... In the RDA.


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