All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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GeekBrief TV review the Nokia N97

What happens when a west-coast geek smashes their iPhone? Well, they try the N97 for a month. Noted commentator Cali Lewis reports back to her GeekBriefTV online video audience on her month with the Nokia N97. Acknowledging her love of the iPhone and Apple's Mac OS, it sounds like the phone made a positive impression on her, but it felt over complicated, even though the better quality camera and flash appealed to her.

Read on in the full article.

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Well, it's not surprising that people confuse Symbian with S60, since you can't have one without the other anymore, more's the pity.

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phone basics

I thought Cali's criticism of the basic phone features of the N97 was perceptive. My 5800 to my mind is just not quite as intuitive as a T9 phone ..... maybe its these simple things that Apple (I read) does so well that is part of its popularity, as much as the 3G hardware.

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Kinda funny.. Google Lattitude is the killer app for me which stops me getting an Iphone :P

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She seemed to going the long way round to return a call. I don't know the N97 interface as i have an i8910, but surely pressing the call (green) button should give quick access to missed, received, etc calls?

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As on all S60 devices, pressing the green key brings up the logs app focussed on the recently made calls view.

From the standby screen, two presses on green will call the last person you called.

The only thing that annoys me about it is that the icons don't change depending upon the number type (mobile, home etc).

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I am glad people mention that she is wrong regarding reaching those missed calls. Last I checked its only three clicks which is similar to I-phone. And when v20 comes out I can't image people not looking at N97 or mini as a serious competitor. As a user for a couple of months now I would say that the only thing truly lacking is the dedicated graphic processor a la I-Phone/n900. One thing I do hope Nokia does next year is add that GPU, improve the RAM and CPU. Maybe next year looking at 512mb RAM may not be such a bad idea.

Could someone please comment about the feasibility/likelihood of bringing multi touch to these resistive touch screen devices? There was tech demo floating around but I would like a real response on this.

Finally I would also like to know whether it is recommended to do a hard reset on the device before doing a fw update.

BTW ... I am loving the N97 form factor and FM transmitter.



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