All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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From a use to be P800 owner's point of view of the P900:

All you old p800 owners who shifted please share your point of views here.

For me, the P900 is everything we wanted on the P800 And that I congratulate SE for listening to its users needs. I love the phone and think that it will be staying with me longer than the P800 did
But of course, there will always be opinions for improvement: here are mine.

1.) When you go to a message on your sms inbox or a contact in your contacts list, when you view that item then exit you are then taken back to the top of the list. This is very irritating especially of you are already 20 something messages down. On the P800 it doesnt do this, when you exit a message it takes you back to where you last were.

2.) It would have been really nice if the stylus had an spring action eject thing like other PDA's have, but still way better improvement than the P800's.

3.) It would have been nice if the cradle had some sort of guide on the side so that we can easily pop the P900 in and out of it, when im in a hurry, sometimes I have a hard time.

4.) BLUETOOTH. Whats the use of pairing devices together when everytime you have to send a pic to any of the paired phones they have to make there phones discoverable again. Isnt the use of pairing to enable your phone to remember these phones? The funny thing is the Z600 remebers these phones so you dont have to make your BT discoverable all the time since it wastes so much battery, all you have to do is leave it on. (For those who dont understand, when you turn your BT on and discoverable, it also keeps on sending a "please detect me sigal" all the time wasting batter, unlike just leaving it on for your already paired partners to detect only.) BTW, this prob was also on the P800.

5.)The audio player on the non "manage tracks" view will not allow you to play non mp3s. You have to go to the manage track view to be able to open midi files.

6.) On my sisters Z600 she download a tone from a wapsite which was sexinthe city, after that she sent it to my phone and we notice that it lacked some instruments. I guess the Polytinones that the P900 can play is inferior to that of others which is weird since it's suppose to be able to play everything.

7.) When setting voice dial, after pressing record it doesnt give you lead time to here the tone and record, it just records right away. Well, you just have to be fast I guess.

8.) When using the keypad when texting there seems to be no "="sign.. its not on the 1 or 0 key, where is it??? :(

Well thats about it as of the moment, will post more when I find them

Here are some things that I love on the P900 in comparison to the P800.
1.) Allows animated GIF as wallpaper.
2.) Better Stylus.
3.) On speed dial you can put nicknames
4.) When you press the speed dial number it shows you whos on that speed dial before you dial it so you wont make a mistake on dialling the wrong person.
5.) Video Recorder.
6.) Video recorder option for MMS, meaning there is a different record option for video which you will send on MMS, it has a time limit. Reason why I like this is that our MMS phones doesnt show you the limit and just keeps on trying to send it and then gives you an error that it cant send it but it doesnt tell you why. Well this will never happen again on the P900 and it has it for pictures too!
7.) Covers on all the open aread like external antenna, audio jack and memory stick opening.
8.) Keypad is awesome man! More elegant (Im a keypad user by the way even on the P800, I find it protective and faster to text when in the car or on meetings.. under the table texting..hehehe)
9.) Casing is more solid, i mean you feel its safe to drop.. im not saying you should..
10.) Just like the T610 and the Z600 it has the mirror on the lense thingy which alllows you to take better photos of yourself or of your friends including your self. no more half face shots!
11.) The Space Key on the Keypad has also been moved to the poung "#" and not on the 1 key anymore.

More to come soon..!
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The 65k colors is all it took for me to jump ship... I didn't care what the improvements were before I bought mine. I just did it. There's no way SE could have gone wrong by refining what I thought was one of the top mobile phones in the world. Moreover, I can watch my videos with better a more crisper look in widescreen mode..
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True Hey big feat, since you so into videos, is there a ways to get kinoma videos run on the P900?
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