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Changes made from version 3.62 to version 4.13
- General stability improvements
- SIM card detection improvement
- Call costs management improvement
- PIN code request handling improvement
- Volume control was not working in CMT if you got "missed calls" when
answering a call
- Call register (recent calls) functionality improved and lists length reduced
- Device lock functionality improvement
- When Clock alarm was deactivated on PDA side, CMT light was not
switched off
- Deactivation of keypad lock produces squares to screen
- Receiving and saving class 0 messages improvement
- Messages were able to sent to number in Tel field (not only Tel GSM)
- Memory management improvement
- Clock Time management improvement
- Keypad lock functionality improvement
- Power reset management improvement
- Speed dialling functionality improvement
- Call divert indicator behaviour improvement
- Ringing tone functionality improvement
- Charging functionality improvement
- SIM lock functionality improvement
- Formatting + application installation behaviour improvement
- ALS Activating/Deactivating call waiting for Line2 correction
- Backup restore functionality to/from memory card improvement
- World clock time zones updated
- FDN location numbers modified
- Spanish version Event entries can now be cleared from log
- Now all stored numbers on SIM card are displayed
- UI texts (incl. Notes and error messages and help texts) updated
- Incoming SMS with sender number is now displayed correctly
- Voice mailbox list functionality improvement
- Line Selection functionality improvement
- Turkish special character conversion in Mail sending improvement
- Copy message centre number from SIM improvement
- Self made profile functionality improvement (in some situations you were not
able to activate or delete self made profile)
- Nokia Tune is not played in Meeting profile anymore
- ’Conference commands’ button not anymore dimmed when calling to busy
- Phone number max length set now correctly when response is received from
- WAP Image loading improvement
- WWW default value for "Empty history on exit" changed to "Yes"
- WAP Browser accepts now also source port 66
- Printing Page setup improvement
- Functionality of short message with alphanumeric address in From field
- WAP mail functionality improvement
- SMS functionality improved (includes several minor improvements e.g.
Reading SIM messages, deleting concatenated SMS handled better, SMS
sending from outbox etc.)
- Web In some situations the file download was done twice, now it is done
only once
- WAP OTA message settings can now be saved
- WAP Prefix "https//" URL handling improvement
- Calendar booking functionality improved
- Character conversion between GSM alphabet and Unicode improvement
- Email Move and copy & some other functionality in IMAP remote mailbox
- PPP call-back idle timeout is increased
- Word Processor does not save unnecessary extra empty document anymore
- Memory handling improvement
- WAP OTA Setting Home page is now using the correct access point
- Creating folders in remote IMAP4 inbox is now possible
- The maximum size per message field is not applicable, when "Get mail" is
defined to fetch "message titles and stay online". The option is now dimmed
in this situation
- WAP Scandinavian character support in WAP mail sending improvement
- WEB/PPP Authentication to PPP-servers improved
- Mail .html attachment handling improvement
- Calendar Alarms adjusted now correctly when changing from set time "No"
to set time "Yes"
- Ending of data call handling improvement


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Thanks! I was worried about sending off my phone when I wasn't too sure what I was going to get.

That list is invaluable.


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Me too.
This is very useful I may upgrade now I know what I'll get.



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