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Wierd Font Thing is Happening

I had installed Emessaging & to get more fonts i copied some new fonts into the font folder & to use while sending operator logs through emessaging. Now when i type a new SMS as well or open a word document, the same font appears, which is not readable for regular use.

how do i reset this to, lets say courier...without deleting the new fonts from the folder.

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i cant believe it... so many people viewed this but no one could solve the problem...
anyways i found out how to solve this problem...

i tried to delete the fonts with file manage... did not work , it just said.."In USE"

then i loaded "Fonts9200_demo.sis" on my phone & deleted the fonts from there except the one which came originally with the phone...then restarted the phone & voila.. im back to he orginal font.

tought i'd let u all know.. if anyone has the same problem..thi si how i solved it..any other suggestions...please let me know, cause i want to load all the new fonts back but hope i dont end up with the same problem.
New systems generate new problems.

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Sorry, didn't see your post until now...

FWIW, I had similar odd things happen when I just tried to install extra fonts manually (without using that software package) to my Fonts directory. My phone would claim to be using a standard default-installed font, but sometimes display the new one instead when I was using the word processor (or whatever).

My workaround was to do what you did (remove the fonts & reboot), but then to put the fonts back in the font directory, but change their filenames beforehand, so that they all started with 'zzz_' or something similar. Reboot the phone (maybe without the MMC the first time), & it all works fine. I may have documented this in detail in a previous post a while ago, but I'm not sure. Maybe that trick will work with this fonts manager program as well.

I think the deal is that when the phone boots up, it looks in the fonts directory for the first so many fonts & automatically adopts them, calling them into use (as you found out) so that they can't easily be removed. If one of your additions begins with 'A' or something, that gets picked up instead & is subsequently mis-identified as one of the standard fonts that's always in use by the OS. My workaround works because on boot-up, the system appears to read down the fonts folder in order, so that putting 'z's at the start of the filenames of the extra fonts moves them down to the end of the list. Consequently, they don't interfere with the initial font acquisition by the OS. The additional fonts appear correctly in the lists for the word processor & so on.
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