All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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My Biggest problem is the lack of consistency with the UI. You use kinetic scrolling on the web and ovi, but the scroller bar everywhere else. You click once some places and twice in others. It's designs like these that make nokia less accessible to new users who are not necessarily gadget freaks.

Steve, you know if there is any word from nokia to make the UI more consistent throughout?

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install apps to 32GB drive

It's best to install apps to the 32GB drive because it's a total PITA if you run out of space on the C drive because browser cache and mail is there. Also, some Nokia apps only install to C drive, can you even configure where Ovi Store installs apps ?

Only downside with installing to 32GB is that demand paging only works for executables in ROM + C drive, but since most third party apps aren't built with the paging flag set it probably doesn't matter.

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Contact's memory limit

How does this cope with large quantities of contacts 4000+. Do we still have the dreaded out of memory "feature" ?

I know its a lot of contacts but Blackberry/Iphone copes fine

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Hi Steve!

Does your Smartphone Show in VGA resolution plays on N97? It doesn't on 5800 :(

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Thank you very much for this q&a! The other commentator was right, uses flash, but not even the fresh Flash in 5800 is able to play it; would be (pleasurably) astonished if N97 could.
Somehow N810 plays wma-streams but as it lacks both 3G and stereo bluetooth it is little comfort when walking or travelling.

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Question survive drop?

Is this phone going to survive a drop, say from about 1M ?

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How ıs the speaker loudness compared to the N95 8GB when lıstenıng to musıc?

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Talking the question

is the 'dvd quality video capture' really that? this was why I am holding out over main competition and am eagerly waiting a preview

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Do the theme effects include the rotation and transitions effects ? those were shown a few months ago but in recent videos and reviews from around the web i can't see any of those effects. Or is it turned off by default ?

if it isn't there, what animations does "theme effects" include ? is it basic moving icons like in N95 ? or do you really see the screen flip with animation when you flip the phone (instead of a short black pause and the screen coming back)

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nokia n97

Can I use the Nokia N97 to create and/or deliver a power point presentation?

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Originally Posted by shah81 View Post
How many SMS's and/or MMS's can the phone store?
Is this stores in the RAM, or in the main memory or memory card?


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Thanks for replying so quickly Steve.

One more from me:

Based on what you have seen so far, N97 or Samsung Omnia HD for the power user?

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Can you tell us what version of flash is running on the N97 browser?

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How powerful is the flash?

You have an N82, can you test them side by side? Could you say it's 50% as effective or... something else proportionate?

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The new Eseries phones have the concept of switchable active standby profiles (work/personal), does the N97 offer something similar ??


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