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N8 No radio transmitter

Hi, I have just bought an N8 "new" on ebay and find that it has no radio transmitter, a feature that I really wanted. After a bit of searching on this site (brilliant) I find that I have the Hong Kong version (surprise surprise) 059D145.
What can I do? Is the radio transmitter there on the phone and just needs activating somehow?
Thanks in advance for your help.

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It sounds like your phone has been updated to a country variant that doesn't support FM Transmission.
You could try re-installing the Firmware using Nokia Suite, check for updates then take the re-install option.
Or try installing Nokia Car Mode from the Store, it has a nice big "Play by Radio" button in the bottom right corner (portrait).
If it still doesn't appear and you have a local Nokia Care, take it along and see if they'll install the local variant for you.

Good Luck.

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Originally Posted by trinkner View Post
I, too, bought a new N8 off eBay from Hong Kong. I've been pleased with the phone except for the absence of the FM transmitter. After flashing several different CFWs, original Nokia FWs of varying country codes, etc., I came to the realization that there is no FM Transmitter hardware in the phone. Elsewhere on the Net, a former Nokia employee confirmed to me that there was no FM Transmitter in the Hong Kong models. So, I suggest you save yourself the time and effort in trying to "enable" it, because it's likely not even there to enable. Sorry!

I tried official Nokia FWs for several east Asian countries, Scandinavian countries, the UK, and North America. None worked. I tried several CFWs, but also none worked.

Nearly all the FWs I installed did "enable" the software options to use the transmitter functionality, and when I configured the phone to transmit, the software happily indicated that the phone was transmitting... but no receiving radios could ever receive a signal. I tried in my car, on my stereo receiver, and on a portable FM receiver. My conclusion was that the software simply did not have the hardware available to transmit. The firmware versions don't seem to check to see if the hardware truly exists in the phone. I'm guessing that the Hong Kong (and maybe mainland Chinese?) versions are unusual hardware that the software developers didn't really consider in their builds. Maybe the devs also didn't think that users would mess around with CFWs or different country FW variants.

I've had the N8 on T-Mobile in the US for a year now and still like it quite a lot. My only complaint is the screen size, which is becoming increasingly problematic for my aging eyes. I'm considering moving to an 808 for the camera, increased processor speed, larger screen, Belle FP2 improvements, and ability to handle 64GB SD cards. One of the best features is the ability to run the Situations app, which automatically changes your sound profile and connectivity options according to numerous conditions, such as time of day, etc. So far, that's not available on Windows Phone, so the upcoming EOS likely won't have that feature.
Thanks for that, your comments will save me quite a bit of time. I have only had the phone a few days and already I am starting to like it quite a lot. I am a big fan of camera phones, and that is my main reason for buying this phone (my last phone was the nokia C5 -00 with the 5mp camera, good camera for a small phone) I know what you mean about the screen size, but I find the N8 a good upgrade from the C5, and the N8 is good in bright sunlight.
I tried the FW update and installing the car ap, but no joy on the FM transmitter, I suppose I could find a broken phone from our region and swap motherboards, but I dont know if it is really worth the hassle. I think just using a line out cable and connecting to my work radio will do the job, and probably consume less phone power !


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