All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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Well might as well add my two cents:

Dont agree with you at all Steve. I think having new icons makes the phone feel 'fresh'. As long as the icons arent irrelevant to what they present, I find there are no confusions.
In fact, Im using a theme that you posted a link to a couple of weeks ago (The S60 v5 theme for S60 v3). I love that theme, but its good to know that when I get bored of it all I have to do is download a new one!

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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I also think that a custom icon pack is an added value in a theme only if:
- the icons are of very high quality

- the thememakers use this icon pack for a long time, allowing users to memorize icons; changing often will result in more confision.

- They do not provide 3rd party icons. I never understood thememakers that add 20.000 3rd party icons in a theme; the theme becomes heavy, slow, and 3rd party apps icons changes so that it's difficult to recognize them. I prefer icons with changed special folders, and with original 3rd party icons.


Unfortunately, many people still think that icons are the most important part of a theme; i don't think so. I've seen beautiful icons on low quality themes; that a nonsense.

I think that a theme with 30.000 changed icons is maybe for kids who like "modding" and extreme customization; people who enjoy killer design will rather prefer a good theme with nokia default icons, or a quality icon pack without 3rd party icons.

Thank you for reading this long post

a "famous" Thememaker
I agree on most of your other points about N-series icons being boring and the icons for E-series being horrible.

However I do like that themes comes with customized 3rd party icons mainly because it will offer a streamlined and clean look on my phone. (Isn't that also part of a good design?)
I do know that those themes tend to be bigger in size and also somewhat slower to load, but that is a price at least I'm willing to pay for my phone to look good.

Currently I'm using the Psiloc Reflect theme and besides the heavy DRM in it (All of Psiloc products) and if it wasn't that I already payed for it I would throw it far far away. I do use it by when launching GPS data on my N82 and then going to Navigation the compass don't show the directions, meaning it won't show the letter N,E,S,W. That really annoys me.

That is also one of the reasons why I mainly don't buy commercial themes for my phones (I've actually only bought this one) but rather go for those that are free. And I'm planning to start offering donations for themes I find that are very good.

As I said earlier in my previous post I do tend to be more practical and therefore I like things to work in a certain way and having such small glitches here and there really annoys me, especially if it is a company that have released a product.

I do respect the many thememakers out there that makes our phones looking more fresh and putting much time and effort in doing so. So you are all doing a great job. And I would actually recommend you to stay non-commercial (I won't diss you just because you go commercial with some of your themes)
but being a company and offer themes of low quality, that is "no thanks" from me.

So keep up the good work and you deserve all the appreciation and respect from us.


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