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is there a solution yet... n97 photo's

hey all. iv been searching the internet for about 2 weeks now and i just can seem to find a solution to the photo and image problem on the 5800 and n97.
basically i have a photo archive of about 2500 photo's on my phone. there all carefully organized into folders on my mass memory. however nokia's rubbish photo viewer jst piles them all into one huge downloaded folder and there's no way im sorting them all into albums because the phone simply can display enough of the images for me to know where 1 album begins and another1 ends.
on all my previous phones iv used resco photo viewer that is brilliant and suits my needs perfectly, sadly tho there not making a version thats compatable with n97 just yet.
so i tried nokia photo browser and altho displayed in folder order it still tries to load every dam picture on there when i dont need them.
also tried scalado photo viewer wich deals with photo's brillintly, quickly and zooming is awsome, however no folder option or slideshow.
what i need people is a application that browses through folders and can give a slideshow of images in that folder, be it a file explorer app or a photo viewer app.
hope im making sence here. its a real let down. if anyone had encountered the same problem or has a solution please reply as i would like to get this simple yet annoying problem solved..

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i'm with you on this one mate, and as far as i am aware there is no solution. what is the point of having all that memory if you can't make effective use of it?

i really like nokia photo browser, but its too slow at bringing up the photos, pointless when you have as many as i do

really not happy with nokia on this one

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I'm actually going to side with Nokia on this one, you're asking for what I feel would be an unused pointless application. Put the pics on your PC, I don't bring my old photos from one phone to the next. I dont think they gave the N97 32GB of memory because they thought people wanted to store 10-20k pictures..

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horses for courses mate, it would not be unused or pointless to me

given all the COMPLETELY pointless apps out there (eg rotary dialer) i don't think this is asking for too much

the whole point of 32 GB is for us to put whatever we want on it- yes i could use my pc but isn't that how they sell the N97 - a pc in my hand? the flagship multimedia phone should be able to deal with such a basic request. besides, you can say that about everything that doesn't work/isn't there - just use your pc- thats not acceptable!

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Sorry no sympathy on this one. If you can't be bothered to sort out your photos and videos in to albums and or add tags then its your problem. You would take time to do this on your computer . I to have 1000 plus photos all in albums and the most viewed on tags and every thing works great. every time I take a photo i put into the album i want straight away no probs . sorry just sounds like some one trying to make a problem that's not there. In my view.

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Nokia photo broswer, from betalabs, got Folder View option. You will see all files tho, but there is separator between folders.
Software version: V 11.0.021
Software version date: 15-06-2009
Language set: 11

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Me thinks we are just going to have to agree to disagree. Photos are already arranged into folders, just want to view them in grid view per folder. Or well, perhaps in another lifetime..... Photo browser is great but toooo slooooow


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