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Displaying sender's names in SMS inbox


I've just got an E60 to replace my aged 6310i.

I use the content copier from PC Suite 6.82 to back up my SMSs and contacts from the 6310i, and then to load them onto the E60.

Most of my SMSs come from people in my contacts who have names associated with their phone number. My problem is that the E60 does not display these names for the old messages - it just displays the phone number in both the inbox and when you open a message.

However, for new SMSs, it does display the sender's name.

Subsequently, if you change a name, that name does not change in the inbox.

For messages that have come from numbers not in the contacts, if I save the phone number and give it a name, the message does not update to show the name - it still just shows the number.

My conclusion is that, when an SMS is received, the E60 looks up the sender's phone number in the contacts and copies their name into the SMS message so it appears in the inbox. It never changes this even if the name changes in the contacts or the number is added to the contacts.

The old messages as uploaded by the content copier must not contain a name, just a number. I think the 6310i behaves differently and does a contacts lookup each time you open the inbox.

It would be very useful if I could somehow update all the old SMSs on the E60 to contain the senders name. But I've no idea how.

I have good computer skills including C programming, but know nothing about Symbian. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Maybe there's a way of getting the phone to do this automatically, or there's some third-party software. Presumably the inbox is stored somewhere on the phone, but it's not visible with the file manager.

Any help greatly appreciated - I posted a previous version of this query in Nokia's own forum and never got a reply.

Also, I think this behaviour is less than ideal - certainly if you save a number from an SMS you should see the name you've given it. I'd like to make representations to Nokia about it and suggest, for example, they add an "update SMS sender's names" feature to update all the SMSs from the current contacts. Any idea how best to contact Nokia. (Or maybe I'm living on another planet in expecting them to even listen to me).



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Maybe you are quite right in that last part...

Only the logs are generally updated with any changes to contacts, not the SMS. Maybe since SMS is a type of e-mail, they do not want to...?

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while trying to find a solution for the very same situation with my nokia 5800, i've found this post.

please, did anyone find at least some workaround? even nokia pc suite is recognizing the names in the SMS messages correctly in this phone, but the phone itself won't.

i think i'd be willing to edit something even manually...

any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.

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Hi to All,
I also have the same problem for my apple iPhone 3GS. I think that it has no solution because new
messages are shown with the name of sender but old message of the same person is not showing
the name. I have also re saved my all contacts but then also it is not showing the name.
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Originally Posted by chukjones View Post
Hi to All,
... I think that it has no solution because new messages are shown with the name of sender but old message of the same person is not showing the name....
Well this is the behavior because of which I'm looking for the solution, not a reason why a solution should not exist. What I need to find is how to re-scan the already saved messages to use the proper contact name for them...

When looking inside the vmg message file, sender is not coded in there in any way, so that the tweak needs to be done on the phone's end. Which leads me to idea - is there a way to make the phone think that a message has been re-delivered? Or... in some other way to simulate that impulse which says to the phone, "read the number and if you'll find it in the contact list, identify it with a proper name". I'd be willing to pay for an app which would be able to do this.

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i'm not sure if it's new firmware (but probably NOT, as i had it installed already before asking here), more probably it's PC suite update...

but it WORKS now. simple copying will add appropriate name to the SMS, provided that the contact name is in the contact list. including oooold messages from my ancient nokia which needed to be replaced...

so - just an update for those who may have subscribed to this thread, with a hope that a solution will be available oneday. so, now it is!


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