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Exclamation Nokia N80 with Symbian V4 - Recover Data After a Hard Reset

Hi all,

I own a Nokia N80 Internet Edition with Symbian V4.0632.0.38 and recently, I noticed that I can't seem to recieve text messages instantly and when I tried to send out text messages, it says "sending failed" and it keeps retrying but failed everytime it tries to send. So I Googled around and found out that I have got the "Curse Of Silence" bug for my Nokia N80 phone. Details can be found here:

I read through it and my phone has got the exact symptoms as stated on the advisory and that the only way to cure it is to do a HARD RESET on the phone. I found on google again that entering the following code: *#7370# would do a hard reset on the N80 so I went ahead and did a hard reset and the problem on my SMS could not be recieved and send instanly is being resolved. However, I was so god damn stupid that I didn't do a backup of my phone and I didn't reliase that there was actually a cure for this "Curse Of Silence" bug by just downloading a application called "SMS Cleaner" released by Nokia to address the problem and yes, I only found the cure AFTER I DID A HARD RESET and now, all my previously saved Contacts, Text Messages (Inbox and Sent) items and those Text Messages that I have moved to "My Folders" on my N80 are ALL GONE!!! I have some VERY VERY IMPORTANT Contacts and Text Messages inside the phone and I really really need to recover them back. I Googled for some Symbian or Nokia N80 recovery software but nothing much came up and infact, some of them I have downloaded are not much of a use either and most of them are for use in a PC rather then mobile phones with Symbian OS.

I would like to ask from any experts out there if there is a way to recover those data after a hard reset on my Nokia N80? Is there a "image" that I can recover from inside the phone, like those kind where you see on a computer hard disk? I googled for some information and understand that there is a folder called "private" on the C: Drive (not those C: drive on PC) on most of the Symbian OS phones and there is where most of the user's Contacts and Text Messages are suspected to be in but correct me if I'm wrong.I really really need those data back as they are very very vrery important to me in terms of work and personal life. I am really sorry for being such a stupid fool to do things without checking further. :( So would any kind souls help me out here please? or at least guide me on this please?Woulld really apprecieate everybody's help on this. Thanks in advance!

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Nokia N80 with Symbian V4 - Recover Data After a Hard Reset

Hi all,

Can anyone help me at all please? Up till now...I still dare not touch the phone anymore. So please please help me out here...thanks!

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upgrade to firmware ver 5.xxxxxx theres an how to on this site somewhere.

If that does not work, put your phone on the floor somewhere safe, and then shit on it.
V 5.0719.0.2
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