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Hi Sionboy,

Had a go from the link you posted today, as we're at 29th April now and Orange UK still not showing an update for my 5800 (NSU or over the air).

But again - OGM_JAF_PKEY_Emulator_v 5.rar, (once unrarred), comes up containing a virus with my AV. Not sure why no one else is seeing this, but not willing to take the chance of disabling my AV and to be honest, I'd just be a lot happier if Orange would just release the V20 firmware for the 5800 in the UK!

Mucking about unbranding the phone seems like overkill to get some fixes that should have been there from day one! It doesn't help that a friend of mine (not on Orange) has now been on V20 normally for over a month now!

Thanks for the advice, nonetheless.

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April 29th, some 11 weeks after V20.0.0.12 was released by Nokia and having spoken to Orange - it's apparent this not being released for my phone is very much an 'Orange UK don't understand how firmware releases work' problem.

They say as far as they're concerned V11.0.0.8 is the latest version for my Nokia 5800 (indeed, that V11.0.0.8 is the lastest version for all 5800's as of the end of March!) and that I should speak to Nokia.

It's not even as if they've not seen the V20 firmware; I've now found other posts that seem to indicate that Silver 5800's on Orange UK will update to V20.0.0.12 (and presumably V21.0.0.25 which comes out next week), but Red one's (at least one's on my product code) won't.
This post for example:

So my options seem to be to debrand my phone (not something I want to do and frankly I've not yet been able to), or to live with these faults (I have a volume issue which Nokia customer service tell me is addressed by V20) and non functioning front camera, which we know is also addressed.

Given that O2, Vodafone and T-Mobile have all sorted out the update by now and given some handsets are updating on Orange, seemingly without their knowing this is the case, I'm quite appalled by the rubbish technical support at Orange (or at least how bad their interface and communication internally with customer service is).

Honestly - on the phone they were trying to prove that was the latest version for the 5800 by sending me to NSU and saying 'look', when I'd explained that it was showing an out of date version because they'd not approved the update in the first place - how ridiculous. They seem completely unaware of different product codes affecting a firmware release or that that might have an effect. Simply appalling.

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i'm afraid debranding is the only way you will get an up to date ,faster firmware...i had a slow t-mobile phone so i changed the code to a generic one and updated ,twice once to v20 and again to v21...i agree changing the code is very fiddly with having to take my anti-virus software of the pc so that it wouldnt 'heal' the pkey emulator, but the satisfaction of a faster , brand fee 5800 makes up for it...


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