All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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The N96 is a nice device, but here's the way I see it:

- Large screen
- 16 GB built-in and micro-SDHC support

Don't care:

- No lens cover
- No xenon flash
- No US-compatible HSDPA
- Small battery

It's not that exciting to me... I think the Samsung G810 is a lot more appealing!

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N95 8GB is more appealing

Can I just add that the N95 8GB features pretty much everything that the N96 has anyway. The obvious ommission is the memory and DVB-H.

In the UK in particular DVB-H is not likely until at least 2012 anyway so thats a useless feature.

The N95 8GB has already got the N-GAGE functionality using the 2 middle multimedia buttons on the slider as A and B buttons, the screen is the same, I personally prefer the N95 design and the bigger battery is the big winner.

I will be keeping hold of my N95 for a fairly long time and I am sure I wont be alone!

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People who keep moaning about battery life should get their batteries replaced or their phones looked at. I have an N95 that goes 2 days on a battery that cost 4.99. Yes, that does include 3.5G browsing, WiFi browsing, email, video, music, 3.5G TV, bluetooth and satnav use.

What exactly is the problem with 48 hours if Nokia have further optimised the power consumption on the N96? Did we all get so used to 5 days on S40 devices and are now spoilt?

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1 more puzzling thing about this design, does it really need 2 sets of the media player keys????
The media player keys on the upper slider can also double up as Ngage Gaming keys, look at the first image in this article, you'll get the picture.

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acjk - please take a look at Nokia 6500 slider. Besides TV out it has a nice ipod-y design.
More in my blog at

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no we didnt get used to 5 days battery time from s40 devices. get this, we got use to, here it is, 1200mAh battery life of the n95 8GB!! its magic! seriously though, the mere fact that the launch spec of the n96 battery is identical the the launch spec of the n95 battery is ludicrous. if anything it can be considered a bad omen. everybody remembers how bad the battery life was on the original n95. nokia should have used a different battery spec just for the sake of seemingly not repeating past mistakes. but i'll take it further and say that even if FP2 is optimized for better battery life. why not take that further and use the 1200mAh battery for superb battery life?!?! i mean seriously! it could be a monster with a bigger size battery.

and last time i checked, regardless of what standby or software improvements may be implemented, electrical components still take up a finite amount of battery power. the phone IS still using a gsm radio that sends radio waves. the LED flash DOES still produce illumination. HSDPA still sucks down data fast. etc etc. all i'm saying is that if ya take the n95 8GB and the n96 and hold the LED flash on for 9 hours, i'm willing to bet that the n95 8GB will hold the longer charge. the fact that nokia seemed to move backwards is what is irking me for some reason.

btw i absolutely LOVE the look of the new phone and the direction of n series designs are going. not to sure about the redundant music keys though...maybe make them user defined like E series?

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RE: Battery
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@Unregistered a few posts above.

It really depends on your usage. I know many people who go through the n95 (v20) classic battery in less than a day. 48hrs is a stretch unless you're a light user... It has nothing to do with checking out your battery or phone! Your phone/battery does NOT have unique powers. lol

Condisdering they added another power hungry feature (DVB-H) 950mAH is still a joke. I agree with others about a slightly modified/improved n96 will be released shortly after with a hi-cap batt.

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This arguement could carry on for some time. Forgetting the 1200mAh battery in the N95-2, the N82 has a 1050mAh battery that is pysically smaller than the BL-5F.

I see on another forum there is 3d acceleration on this device.

I think its great device but it will never appeal to the masses while the N95 8Gb and N82 are about.

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can it dock if its a flag ship

can this phone drop on to a bose docking station and play all the music files like the i pod can? if not. why not?

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although nokia n96 is a gud device but i wounder where symbian 9.5 wile it has been launched more than one year ago.i wish 2find somthings.advanced zipman open n install rar.exe. Etc files ,so we 2n download wateva programs n games.lastest office n pdf even f there is extra charge7 ova da device price coz its basic things..why there is no option delet bachup frm memory card after we restore it back.wish we can us voice n videos call man n other massanger wile da front 2mp cam works as web can.we need faster processnr wile thers is more than 600 n da market. N there are battaries last more than 6houres. N da market.wish we can play wateva video audio pics formats. Iv tried2play tv on da net but i cant wile i hv got n95 8gb latest upgrade wiv flashlite3..wish2get touch screen wiv normal keypad n qwettry 4whome like qwettry wile its antiscratch screen n view better n da sun. Where is wifi n and wimax..applications n da memory card not runing once again after forma or upgrade even f we remove memory card.n there is some applications sometimes cant b deleted frm appmaneger f we try that..where is fota upgrade. I found it just once b4 n my n 80 coz there was ready define profile.why we cant use mms bigger than 300 size ,we need2b at least one mb size.wish we can copy contacts2sim as n full letters as fone book n other langauges not just n english.n keeping everything2da date. Its wht computer hv become. There is many tastes but 2many ppl need all da mentioned above .there is hot comptation n da market now after i fone n later wen google launches her first device. Ha nokia u r da pioneer. Thanw.

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N96 battery...

What is the reason for including only a 950 mAh battery?

Answer: Instead of putting in a bigger battery than the N95, we optimized power usage of key functions, in particular those related to multimedia and entertainment. For example, video playback time is up to 5 hours and music playback time is up to 14 hours, which we achieved through hardware accelerators and other optimizations.
We people at [link][/link] have had much progress with our N95-1 battery life, some using 1400mAh batterys (not officialy Nokia) but users are getting some great results, I get about 3 days using a fast charger and longer using standard charger with standard batteries. There is even newer firmware for the N95-1 and its got bugs! so read the threads 1st! So what I'm trying to say to Nokia is sort out your first N95-1 and N95-8GB people 1st. Personaly I love the N95 it has to be a little bulky as it does so much! and I can truly multi task, stream music, surf the net, use fring to chat all at once. Plus the 5MP camera, movement sensor chip that has been hardly touched except for some clever japanese people, nvidea graphics chipset room for 3.5mm headphones, IR, Bluetooth antenna, wifi antenna, quad band antenna!, I think its not that big at all to do so much, video at 30fps, i think some people forget what they've got when they get wow'd by the latest phone, looks like Nokia have rushed this N96 and looks a bit like a iPhone which i hate, reason is you try replying to a text message with an Iphone with one hand using predictive text while in a high street bags in your other hand, it cant be done on an iphone i've tried several times in the shop but you can easily on the nokia, they say the N96 navi key layout is too cramped looking at review through my 2pence worth..cheers

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If we use the GPS, since it is built-in to the phone, would that require any internet usage? I want the GPS feature (basic is fine) without having to pay for the internet. = /

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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
If we use the GPS, since it is built-in to the phone, would that require any internet usage? I want the GPS feature (basic is fine) without having to pay for the internet. = /
GPS is a device, and using it requires no internet usages.

An application that uses it may well require internet usage, but not necessarily.

For example, Google Maps can use the GPS and it wants to download maps and/or image data on the fly, so it needs an internet connection (though it doesn't use it [much] if it already has what it needs in it's cache).

On the other hand, Nokia Maps can work just fine without an internet connection, since you can pre-load the maps/etc onto your phone using a PC application.

It all depends on the application you are using, and there are many that use the GPS for a surprisingly large number of purposes. I wonder if there's a list somewhere...


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I'm not convinced either. I'm not expecting an answer, but sent customer care an email

If it's as good (or bad) as the N95 8Gb is now, then it's worth a shot.
If it's any more than 10% worse I'll skip.

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I really like this phone, I have an old N70 got it when it first came out around 2.5 years ago so this phone will be a perfect upgrade. About the battary I dont care if it has less power, that is what phone chargers are for. Plus I would get a car charger for when im out and about.
I will be looking at this phone when it comes out cause I really need a new one right now


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