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major gaming oversight with N96

Ok one thing that bothers me about this phone that i don't think anyone has commented on yet is the gaming buttons. because it is a dual slider, you cannot use the number keypad at the same time as the gaming keys, as with the N81--you can only use one or the other. lots of games including the ngage games require using the keypad in addition to the gaming keys.

i have no idea how you would deal with this...


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N96 a little too soon???

I hope N96 isnīt a rush job (again).

Many of Nokiaīs higher-end phone series go through "growing pains" in hw and fw even after release.

Buying an expensive product and waiting for fw updates isnīt consumer friendly. Would anyone put up with a laptop (price-wise) with similar issues? We higher-end users are so tolerant that we will do anything to keep our precious phones working.

Iīm no exception. I haul an E90 (w/1500 mAh battery!!) like Dirty Harry his .44 magnum. "Do you (or I) feel lucky, punk?" ;-)

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further cry of 'why, oh why, oh why did they include such a pathetic battery and sooo many things to do with it!!'

also i think the dual slider is a bad idea and should have been stopped after the n95. It just makes a device more problematic. And how many people really use the multimedia keys.

mobile tv is a waste of time.

I read the build quality of n81 was poor... this phone looks like a n81 - lets hope its better made.

poor phone imho - flagship? blah!!

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does it charge over usb?

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What no multimedia button?

What'll we do?

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I can see looking at the comments that I'm not the only one underwhelmed by the N96. I think my trusty N95 will be staying in my pocket for another year unless Nokia can come up with something more compelling than this.

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I'm not convinced by Nokia's answer though, why didn't they optimise power usage AND include a battery over 1000mah?
The N96 was probably in development before the N95-3 and maybe even before a certain point in the N95 8GB development and so this might have been something locked in.

That previous comment you made of a N96 32GB isn't far fetched considering Nokia's N-series history, and would probably have that larger battery, and a redesigned kickstand.

FYI, thanks for your coverage of MWC.

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I'm sorry regardless how much optimisations is done, a 950mah battery is going to suck. I think Nokia will use the first n96 adopters as guinea pigs... Then they'll release a n96i or n96 32GB with a much improved battery & xenon flash. "The Nokia Way"

I don't think a perfect/near-perfect device is ever going to exist with Nokia because they always seem to purposely cripple the device. Dual LED flash - why not just stick a single xenon flash? 950mah battery - why doesn't it have even the capacity of a n95 8GB?
I know they want to keep you interested in future models but taking £400-500 for their flagship devices then releasing a new model which "fixes" the problems & have minor improvements is just taking the...

I currently own a n95 8GB and the battery lasts about 50% longer than the n95-1 but I'm only content with it. I wouldn't want to go backwards...

I'm getting a Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 instead.

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Xenon flash

jeez, not another great sounding phone with an LED flash (

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I second the opinion about the dual slider, what is the point? My experience with both iterations of the N95 have been very poor, and each was due to the slide mechanism not being sturdy enough because of the two way (same reason I won't pick the S60 samsung i450 up). Don't like the styling either, at a glance you cannot tell the Nokia flagship handset apart from a mid tier music phone (N81).

I think the this is the first time at an announcement like this that I have more enthusiasm about non-N series handsets (6220 Classic and the 6210 Navigator). The original Navigator was a solid handset, and the 6220 looks a lot nicer than the N82 with pretty much the same specs (I also like my phones to 'look' like phones).

The symbian SE handsets actually look a lot more interesting this year, so unless the S60 touch interface blows everyone away (if it gets shown off) its a lot less likely that Nokia will be getting my cash.

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Enough with the n-series, announce the E71 already!

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Exciting stuff... but like you guys said... there isnt much of an upgrade from the N95 8BG... but it looks absoluetly fantastic though ;-)

The battery is actually abit of a joke... even the P1i (although not in the same league) has a "larger" capacity battery and it has a much smaller form factor.

Guess they want to sucker us into buying the low capacity version... then 3 months later release a new version with a larger battery ;-) strategy worked quite well for the N95/N95 8GB... but maybe im just cynical ;-)

Looks great though.. I say again ;-)

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And of course, it's wise to reserve judgment until we see how good the battery life is. Personally I'll stick to my usual policy in such cases: I'll believe it when I see it.

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i dont care if the official specs claim 3 months battery standby. 950mah is 950mah, and it was a mistake in the n95 and its a mistake in the n96. following that logic, if its possible to be so efficient, then think of the battery life with a 1200mah battery AND the more efficient FP2.

watching some videos the n96 slider looks solid as hell. it really is a nice looking device and it looks much more solid. the slider is spring assisted. i'm literally almost speechless about the battery though. what blows my mind is the n78 which was also announced has a 1200mah battery! nokia design teams talk to each other? further, i heard that the n82 1050 mah battery is actually physically smaller than the 950 battery, meaning there is no physical size limitation holding them back from AT LEAST using the 1050mah battery in the n96.

well i think the n95-4 USA 3G phone is my next phone. by the time these new releases come out, then then next variant of it comes out with US 3G, it will be 8 months from now. so i think the n95 8GB with US 3G is a solid choice for the next 6-8 months. i'm a nokia fan, but its the little things and i've lost that wow in their handsets right now.

oh and the digital tv is a waste! so not only do i have to buy a phone and worry about gsm frequencies for the US. now i have to deal with a phone which has tv frequencies for another country that doesnt work in my country. and still no triband 3g. ugh.

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Hey everyone, does the n96 have 3d accelerator hardware or back to software.


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