All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post

You said that: The 2.5mm jack includes composite TV support and final E90s should ship with a proper TV out cable.

Have you had confirmation of this? Other sites seem to think that TV out will not be supported... Really hope it is
I can't be sure, we'll have to wait and see. It does seems to have the necessary chipset though.

Originally Posted by athreya View Post
i am new to the world of Symbian and Communicators (have played around a little with the e61 and liked it).

1.Does the E90 have Blackberry Push email via BB connect? The official specs dont seem to say so.

2. Can one project PPTs thru a VGA out to an external screen? Does it have a VGA out?

3. i use a lot of ppt. Does the software support full animation and other features of the Office 2007?

4.A few things from the specs that i didnt quite follow: What is the Nokia Wireless Presenter?? Whats VOIP 2.1? Can it do Skype?

5. Can one SMS or email short voice notes? (say upto one minute?) instead of typing them?

6. How much better or worse is the keyboard as compared to say the e61 or a blackberry? i can only thumb type! And what can the e90 Do which the e61i cannot?

grateful for your thoughts.
1. Yes it will.
2. Via Bluetooth this should be possible (i.e. not sure of the details of this)
3. Its not the full features. Its not bad though.
4. Nokia wireless presenter is (I assume) a Bluetooth device that connects to projectors so you can use it with the E90. VoIP is internet teelphony (voice over ip). It can do Skype - if they ever release as s60 client it would.
5. You wouldn't be able to sms voice, but you could send it by MMS or email
6. Tricky to say - better I'd say. The E90 has a better camera, bigger screen, bigger keyboard, different form factor to the E61i. Processor wise its more powerful, has more memory and a more recent version of the OS

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
When is the nokia e90 being launched?

Probably some time in the summer.
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Question e 90


Just wondering whether E90 support chinese star or any chinese softwares.

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Question e 90


Just wondering whether E90 support chinese star or any chinese softwares.

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Smile Launch Date

Do you know the launch date for the E90. & What price are we looking at?

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I have an HTC clone (orange M5000 in UK) and as a pda i just love it. the keyboard is great, the PIM functions OK and I use it to make and read tons of Word/Excel documents. The real selling point is the keyboard and flip over screen.

As a phone.....just awful. Truly hideous to use. there seems to be a full 2 second gap between answering a call and being able to speak, the call buttons on the side catch all the time and the lack of a phone keypad is, for me, a nightmare. (still love the device though!)

I'm looking to upgrade and i want the following features - looks like a phone, works like a phone, has a phone keypad. has a full qwerty keyboard with 3G and smartphone capabilities.

So far as i can see if you want these things, the e90 is the only one that fits the bill. although i'll have to get used to a new OS and give up the touchscreen, i think that the other features are more imoprtant. i guess if HTC had a similar offering, i would look at that first, but the closest they do doesn't have 3G.

So although the E90 is large, if you want a full qwerty keyboard built into a proper phone with 3G and smartphone capabilities, it would seem to be the only device on the market.

Great review by the way, really helpful

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voip ?

the E 90 does support voip ? does 'support' mean that one could use skyp on it as well ?

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no fax no html...

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Is there a smaller E90 version planned?

As a thankfull 9300 user, I am wondering if there is a smaller E90 planned with similar functions.
The current E90 looks very as a follower to the 9500, but even the size numbers are very alike the 9300, the phone in practical behaves bigger.
Does anybody know a current secret here?

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Jah, the WM5 device with 3G/UMTS, GPS, HSDPA and 2MP (not 3MP, but it is a great 2MP camera and good video cam) is the Dopod D810. I am using it on a daily basis. The form factor is very small, I can hardly feel it even when I put it in my shirt pocket!

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...and what about 3rd parties?
Does it support i.e. TomTom 6 with a separate BT GPS receiver?

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Re: Voip Support

Nokia E-90 have a built-in voip support using SIP.

Skype is not "supported" directly yet, but there is a 3rd party working on it. Wait until end of the year, heard that skype is going to release s symbian version.

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Yeah, waiting for the skype support...

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Web Link

I have had nokia's for many years. I moved up from a 5100 to a smart phone (IMATE JAMIN). Big mistake, it has been repaired 3 times now. Like anything that runs on windows it crashes. Touch screen replaced twice. Complete Phone once.

I await the release of E90 in Australia. I will be returning to nokia's as I found them to be more reliable than the hunk of junk i have now.

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Just bought the new E90 and using it

I've just bought the E90 and am using it quite a lot for surfing, email, phone, texting, diary, tasks and notes. I concur with most of the comments around the device being a better package if it had more Outlook functionality in its PIM. However someone made the point that how can anyone ask for a device to be truly converged if it still requires access to specific applications like Outlook. And this is highly relevant because if we are asking for a PDA and phone to be converged then it's because we want something that can be used standalone. It wouldn't be truly standalone if it needs Outlook. Why not ask for Outlook to be better integrated with the Nokia PIM app? I use the Nokia PIM app fine and I synch it with my corporate diary to ensure appointments are up to date in my pocket. I wanted this device over and above the N95 (I'm a 7610 and N73 user historically) for its keyboard and the 800 pixel wide screen for proper web page display. The keyboard helps me to make quick diary entries so that I donít need to start my laptop and now I donít even need to carry my laptop because I can carry some important info (in spreadsheets and notepad/word apps) around with me for easy/ quick access. In conclusion, my main needs are met. However, I would like the interface to be better. The device needs a more useable mouse/pointer as a minimum. Why couldnít there be a touch sensitive joystick like those integrated in some laptop keyboards (e.g. IBM Thinkpad and Compaq N600 series) rather than the poor functioning 4-way arrow key? This would be a major improvement and not even require extra space. The other issue I have is that the inner display has two buttons on either side. The menu buttons on the right are inconvenient to use whilst the user is engaged in using the interface with the keyboard. These could be brought down to the top line of the keyboard where the dedicated app buttons are. The dedicated app buttons could call up a menu instead. The Phone keys (to the left of the main screen) could also be brought down and the whole screen sould be even wider for easier reading of small print on web pages.

On the whole, the device is excellent and Iím only suggesting tweaks that would make it even better and perfect for me. You have to bear in mind that there must be others out there who would disagree with my comments and prefer the device as it is and thatís where Nokia would perhaps want to explore the market for feedback.

Comments welcome.

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Smile Great flaming of a nice product

Noted that many are upset of the lacking PIM support, have been using E61i, and also E90 where both devices are working well with our needs taking into account the features of great applications for mail, mail for exchange or intelli which both have the necessary support, for all of the tasks while on the move all by accessing the central server, even updating meeting requests and alike, hence commonly used for business if the exchange server is hanging around, in some corner.
Can't find the need to "sync" with the office computer as the relevant data is already on hand in the phones, what do makes a difference is ability easily write a document and have a decent layout without too much troubble.
Those who are fond of other "gadgets" please buy these soonest possible to acheive your own satisfaction.
I will stay with these as these phones are serving me well,


communicator, e90, previewed

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