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Old 28-07-2010, 03:36 PM
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The problem with location check-in fatigue on your smartphone

Many years ago, everyone thought that Instant Messaging (IM) would be a big winner on the mobile platform. That’s turned out to not be the case – the winner in the field of short form updates has been the status message on Facebook and the broadcasting nature of Twitter. So what happened? And are the same mistakes being made by the current slew of location-based apps that are the so-called 'next wave of innovation'? Read on...

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Old 28-07-2010, 05:26 PM
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IM on the go just didn't have the same demand as IM on desktop or other services

and similarly, mobile location services like foursquare just won't have the same demand at the end as navigation. IM on the go pretty much was a failure not because of fragmentation, because it's super easy to just consolidate on 1 IM client, like what IM+, Trillian, Adium, etc. But it just took too much babysitting (the client doesn't reconnect to the network automatically after losing connection like cell networks & SMS), and too costly in many instances (requires expensive data plan vs cheap SMS, constant connection by client eats battery). Also, it's just not fun to chat on these tiny devices right now. The problem of reaching you through IM while you're mobile was eventually solved by tying your IM/Facebook/etc account to your mobile and leverage unlimited SMS. So I don't think the challenges of IM and location services compare in quite the same way. Location services such as foursquare will probably falter as people start seeing that the convenience and novelty of publishing your location constantly is eclipsed by the real danger of being exploited by knowing where you are/ where you are not. It's probably better to solve the privacy problem first, possibly by having users have better control over who can and cannot see your location. Until the use cases are fleshed out, no amount software ubiquity will make this popular, especially as the media publishes more and more incidents of stalking by location services. In the meantime, fragmentation will probably also be solved, albeit not elegantly, by having a more popular service provide the bridge and hub - e.g. Foursquare and Ovi Share Location both work on Facebook and it's only a matter of time before that convergence point is exploited. The best use I see location services going is anonymous location-based services like Here&Now and location-based advertising services and lowering ramp up costs for providers and subscribers to these services.


Old 28-07-2010, 08:02 PM
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Question latitude == no check in fatigue

Just use latitude, it all happens in the background.
There is also a latitude API now, so other services could extract the data if they wanted to and you gave them permission (via oauth or such like).

Old 28-07-2010, 08:49 PM
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Ah but Unregistered, how does Latitude add me to Foursquare, or get me a voucher offered to me by TellMeWhere?
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Old 29-07-2010, 11:56 AM
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Exactly the issue I was going to raise. Latitude's my only "geo-presence" app because I don't have to go to the hassle of manually updating my location all the time. Foursquare is neat, but I'm not going to be pulling out my phone and selecting my location every time I stop for a meal. Until there's to-the-foot accurate GPS on phones, that won't change.

Old 29-07-2010, 11:58 AM
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It may be unavoidable to have many of these services the user must choose from, but Ewan is absolutely right that some common approach is needed. If not for any other reason, just for saving the device resources. When it comes to having 5-10 of there apps / widgets running in a device, using GPS and updating location it means a lot of used battery and bandwidth. For a user it would probably be enough that each smartphone platform offers a de-facto way of achieving this - and for all the apps in one device to use this method.

Old 29-07-2010, 12:43 PM
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Wait for the big boys

Surely Google or twitter will buy up/team up with the newer location companies? They need location for advertising..

But I still dont see a pressing need to make people aware where i am 24/7. if they need to know ask me and possibly I will tell you where i am or be a bit hazy. It maybe as small a thing as a quick sit down on the bench befor coming home (ie nothing to hide) but may offend the other half or you really may not want a loved one knowing where you are even if its buying them a surprise present organisng a treat etc.

Nothing to hide massively myself but wasn't that why video calling has never taken off who wants the other half friends, families and there bosses knowing where they are all the time?

How do you explain switching off or hiding your location? Also surely people will start finding ways to spoof there location if it has to be on 24/7? What benefit will that be to advertisers?
As facebook and others are finding people not have wised up to making sure there facebook persona or personas is not always as it seems. Which makes the data not very useful as its often at least part fiction!!

Then the age old security issue even if you lock it down who is to say the company wont do a facebook and change all the settings suddenly?

Im is vital not sure publicly advertising my location 24/7 is in my benefit. Maybe I will get a voucher but who is to say that the Wife wont go on one when by chance I happen to have to visit a shop near an exes house when my intentions ar inocent?

What if peoples employers start insisting they have it activated for safety and security? Unless the law catches up it will be hard for many in the current climate to refuse without looking like they have something to hide..

Old 06-09-2010, 08:17 PM
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check out the new epixmix application being offered by Vail Resorts this season. It offers the ease of latitude (i.e. no check-in required, but instead automatically facilitated by the RF chip in your ski pass) and the social/gaming aspects of four square and gowalla (i.e. get a notification if a friend is in the same location as you, earn pins, track vertical, etc.)


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