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Beer 11 months with my i8910; Google maps 4.1; Opera Mobile 10

Greetings! After much wailing, moaning and grimacing, I can report that I still use my i8910 handset after 11 months. How times change. Or not. Well, the i8910 remains a high-end device, after 11 months (!). That surely remains an achievement (Kudos to Steve for his latest news story, comparing the Sony X10 with the i8910. I think the HTC Desire is also a contender, obviously for software, but you lose so much in hardware (& e.g. Nexus android thingy, or whatever is the latest extension of the Google empire is ), HD2, but where are the decent 8MP cameras and speakers?; anyhow, I wonder if the Pico projector i8520 will ever make a quick appearance, and how good?)...

still, if there is anyone out there looking, now, to pick up a cheap i8910 (if that exists), or is just almost as lazy as me... [I can't even be bothered to play (yet) with HyperX's new ROMs as I did all that lst year, went back to the only Orange UK update... why? I haven't the time, energy or patience any more. Plus, I also think that you can also hardware damage your mobile with new ROMs if you are unlucky (I can't prove this, but odd things happened to my hardware after I played about with ROMs last year... like dodgy GPS reception, broken DLNA, freezings... I know, all my own fault you will say, but hey! I had to try it all once... now I am back and stable...]

Here's a list of what I do with my i8910:
So, back on stock June 2009 Orange UK firmware, I am getting quite happy running (in order of frequent use):
The OLED 3.7" screen (obviously, but it is still a beauty to look at).
The telephone, messaging (but it annoys me how you have to keep pressing buttons to get the basic dialler / Speakerphone up during any call)
Orange Mobile 10 (non-beta) - works a treat now!
Google Maps 4.1
Using the 8MP camera for stills
latest Gmail app
Youtube app (but the quality is poor, for whatever reason)
Listening to the FM radio
Using Bluetooth Samsung SBH-650 headset
Backing up my contacts using a dedicated XP desktop PC, made just for my i8910 experiences.
Mobbler (rarely)
BBC iPlayer - practically never, as quality is so poor (use iPod touch)
Route 66 - rarely, only for fun - to see GPS live info. I don't use Orange Maps (my choice).

[Forget everything else really, it is just too difficult to get working, if at all - don't get me started on DLNA, please!]
A big irritation is that it takes a long time to switch off/on any form of PIN code lock (many menus/button pushes)... if you decide to take the handset out with you, and want some form of security.

The battery (original 1500 mAh Samsung) is still charging, and holding charge, ok. That is also somewhat amazing.

All my other mobile data usage is via 2nd Gen iPod touch, and all Office docs, work, etc., my older WinMo handset (manufacturer withheld, but it's a good 'un!).

What I still want - a decent looking extended battery 3000 mAh+ that you can trust, which comes with a new metal back cover (yes, metal); a decent hard plastic surround jacket with a pleasing leather feel, like a Tuff-luv one for some Nokias, which you can easily get off the handset if you need to swap SIMs about)... any help on this, much appreciated!

Anyone using a 32Gb micro SD yet? How's it going?

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