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Is WebDAV on the N8 broken?

A few months ago, I read about how to access Dropbox on my N8 via the DropDAV service (basically, a third-party Dropbox-WebDAV gateway).

At the time, I found I was able to log onto my Dropbox account this way. However, I tried connecting to it this week on my N8 (first time for a while via this route), and noticed it doesn't appear to work with my N8 any more. Although the N8 appears to connect to the server, it can't display any folders or files once the "Connecting..." dialogue box disappears, showing the message "(not connected)".

I've been trying to access other WebDAV shares which are definitely accessible (e.g. my Synology NAS box), and get the same result. I am as sure as I can be, that it's not a problem with each share's settings, on either the server or the N8.

A Google around, seems to indicate that the last big firmware update (PR1.1) may have broken (or otherwise negatively affected) the N8's WebDAV functionality. Has anyone else noticed this, and/or come up with a solution?

It wouldn't be the end of the world if I can't make use of WebDAV on my N8 for a time, but I feel it would be a shame, simply because it was one more useful feature on the N8 among many. I'll see if I can replicate the problem on my wife's C7, and hopefully that will shed further light on things.

Best regards,

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PR1.1 here and still able to access and view / open files on remote NAS via WebDAV.

Good luck with you problem though
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Well, I now have PR 1.2 on my N8, and WebDAV still seems to be broken. I wish there was a way of getting to the bottom of this (or at least, an alternative WebDAV client in the Ovi Store), but I haven't found any sign of either

I might try reporting it at Nokia Conversations, and see how I do there - thanks in the meantime for your help

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dropbox has never worked for me. But it's not the N8 that's at fault, it's the dropbox /dropdav thing. Something isn't right there with all those protocols they use. (dropbox doesn't have native webdav support)

I use webdav with my NAS and it has always worked flawlessly.

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Have you tried different clients:
E7 PR1.1

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Dropbox via WebDAV is still working OK for me.
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WebDAV to my NAS is fine.. working ok..

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On the Dropbox front: I'm using WiDropbox, which at least has the advantage of working

I'm actually more interested in the fact that, due to WebDAV not working (for me at least), I don't currently have any way to access the files on my Synology NAS box. At least Synology offers plenty of connectivity options, so the problem isn't on that side of things:
  • WebDAV - see above;
  • FTP - no FTP client for S^3 that I know of
  • NFS (UNIX network file system) - as with FTP
  • AFP (Mac native network file system) - as with FTP and NFS
  • SCP (Secure SHell-based secure file transfer) - as with (oh, you get the idea - not sure the Synology's SSH implementation includes SCP anyway)
  • SMB (Windows file-sharing) - "MyExplorer" in the Ovi Store would allow me to access SMB shares, but I'd have to cough up 3 (cheapskate )
So, unless WebDAV on my N8 somehow gets fixed, looks like I'll have to "stump up" for MyExplorer - has anyone else tried it?

Many thanks


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