All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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New Satio, it's great but 30 things......

.....that are annoying me.

Just got myself a Satio. Why are the AAS boys not reviewing this yet? It's S60, I'd have thought they'd have been all over this feature packed model.

I think it could be a good phone, in time.

So far I love:

The looks.
The build quality.
The big 3.5’ gorgeous screen.
The viewing and handling of pictures with the touchscreen.
The walkman UI with album art.
The camera is great.
The nice UI bits that Sony have grafted over the top of S60 in places.
The quick access to content from home screen and fast viewing of photos.
The home screen layout.
The action of camera slide.

I’ve had many S60 phones, my last phone was an N82 which is still the best phone ever made. I have a young baby so I need a decent camera, plus I’ve been longing for some large screen real estate to view pictures, movies, maps and web on. So the Satio seemed like an ideal replacement with the added bonus of being built on S60 which is a well trodden path for me with excellent multitasking capabilities.

I’ve only ever owned Nokias but their recent products have finally pushed me over the edge, I can’t wait forever. Let’s be honest, what most people really want from a smartphone is an iPhone form factor (large screen), no slide out qwerty (makes phone too big), true multitasking with a decent camera and a xenon flash. That is the Satio! I’d quite like a N900 without qwerty and better camera and xenon.

So far I like the phone a lot, it’s more a case of me getting used to S60v5 (touch) rather than me getting used to the Satio, I’ve only ever used the non-touch versions of S60 so this is all new to me. Having to know when to touch once or twice in the menus take some getting used to but I understand this is a limitation of porting traditional S60 to a touchscreen format.

As much as I’m learning to love the Satio, there are quite a number of issues with the new handset. Hopefully some can be fixed in future firmware versions. Sony, please listen and help make a good phone great!

My phone is unlocked, used in UK on O2 network. Firmware is current latest, 1218-9500_R1BB041, dated 06-10-09, custom version, 1224-3823_R1AB029.

30 things that annoy me. These issues are not in order, but the real big issues that hurt usability I will mark with **, please read on……………………

1. Wi-Fi suffers from drop outs every now and again. Can’t seem to find a cause, just every now and again.

2. ** There is no way to search by name for an MP3 in Media, I have over 1200 songs on the memory card and no other way to find a track except scrolling through the entire list. Unbelievable!

3. I cannot order videos in date order. Only be ordered by filename.

4. When I have a picture attached to a contact and that person calls me, the contact picture appears ok but it is partially obscure by the contact name area.

5. ** Battery life = Not Good! Everyone knows this, not news. Please let the 1350mAH battery rumour be true……

6. When a call is received the vibration starts for about 5 seconds before the ringing starts. This might be a feature or a bug, who knows. I just wish there was a setting to choose.

7. When connecting to my bluetooth handsfree car kit there is no profile I can select for this in ‘Accessories’ menu. So when my phone is on silent in the office, it stays on silent when I get into my car. Other S60 phones had a handsfree profile. Strange this is missing as the Satio has profiles for Headset, Textphone and TV Out. Also the earpiece volume is used as the handsfree volume. This is not the case with other S60 phones.

8. ** To search for a contact is a long winded process. Being sent to a ‘split over two page non-qwerty keyboard’ to start your keypresses is hardly ideal. Why not qwerty or alphanumeric like normal S60 contacts finding? Also no contact link from normal homescreen.

9. No equalizer in Satio Media music player. Why? This is standard in all S60. I think the Satio has suffered in some cases by not using the S60 music player but benefitted in others (better to look at).

10. **Kinetic scrolling is excellent in the Media menus and other areas grafted on by Sony. But no kinetic scrolling in the normal S60 parts of the UI make getting around lists such as contacts very difficult and non-intuitive. Can we not have kinetic scrolling in all menus like N97 V2.0 firmware?

11. My Blueyonder e-mail works fine but for some reason the normal automatic retrieval settings do not work. I cannot get my e-mail checked every 30/60 mins etc, I can only connect manually?

12. Camera is excellent but the settings menu seem hard to change, the on screen settings need a hard push or several pushes to register a touch.

13. ** Screen sensitivity is not great. I know its resistive but sometimes the screen registers the touch but the UI does not react, sometimes it just does not register. Very strange. Sometimes the screen needs several touches or sometimes a really hard touch (I’m not talking about the normal S60 parts of the UI that need 2 touches to first select and then activate).

14. ** I’m not sure if the flash is weak or camera software needs changing but photos taken in low light look dark and hard to view, even at very close flash ranges of 1 metre.

15. Autorotate is bit too eager and trigger happy. The sensitivity angle could be reduced a bit please.

16. If we could have some brightness and contrast controls in video player would be good.

17. Accuweather for S60v5 install and appears to run ok until it tries to access network and then gives some strange error message. Nothing can be resolved by setting changes.

18. No RDS on the radio? Yet I think it was advertised as having RDS.

19. When photos are geotagged, unlike in N series phones there is no option to view on a map. Because no Nokia maps integrated I guess, just Google Maps and Wisepilot.

20. Speaker phone volume is a low from the loudspeaker.

21. Cannot save files that are bluetoothed to me on the memory card. If the file is too big for phone memory (See number 22) then no option to save to memory card. (I think this is an S60 issue on all phones I seem to recall)

22. ** Small amount of usable C drive space (50/60Mb) even though I install all apps and save everything to memory card.

23. ** Apparently Satio has 256Mb of RAM but you would not realise it as it struggles to do more than one thing at a time. This should be S60’s strength coupled with all of the Satio RAM. What’s going on?

24. Where’s the Satio Facebook App? Many can be downloaded but Satio is advertised with dedicated Facebook App.

25. ** I have set up the relevant access points in Destinations (Wi-Fi priority 1, network data priority 2). I’ve also set up all of the apps to use the correct destination and I still get asked which destination to use on app start up.

26. ** Predictive text (T9) with the alphanumeric keypad has issues! When trying to enter one letter, say m, n or o by pressing 6 key once, I cannot then toggle between them with the * key like you normally can with predictive text! I have to enter and spell n and o manually! Ridiculous!

27. ** When entering a full stop or comma or symbol after a word when I try to toggle with the * key the word is changed! Ridiculous!

28. ** Sometimes movies/videos give a ‘could not play file’ message when I launch them in Media. If I reboot the phone then they will play ok if I do it first thing without using the phone for anything else. This seems like some memory usage issues.

29. ** No 3.5mm earphone socket or micro USB. We have Sony fast port instead. I'm sure there was good design reasons for this (cramming so much tech into the form factor) but it's just a real shame and I hate it. I know there is an adapter to use your own earphones but still the placement of the fast port is rubbish on the left hand side. It's difficult to hold with earphones plugged in.

30. ** No 'CLEAR' or 'C' key like Nokia S60 phones. This has a big implications in that I've realised when you gold down the menu button to view running apps, there is no way to close the the app from the 'running apps' list. You have to select the app and go to it and follow the exiting procedure. This is long winded. Also when some apps are crashed you have to reboot the phone where as on Nokia S60 phones you could hit 'C' and most of the time the app would shut from the running apps list.

In general the Satio seems far from optimized in many ways. 256 Mb of RAM is not well used, it seems to get bogged down and tied up doing not very much at all! What the N97 would give for 256Mb of RAM and it would use it well, a lot better than the Satio.

Many of these fixes can be ironed out with firmware updates. I don’t expect Sony’s implementation to be as slick as Nokia’s, Nokia grew up with S60 and matured the OS to where it is today. I like what Sony is doing with S60, taking a good old reliable workhorse and making it look pretty. As long as that prettiness does not detract from the rock solid S60 functionality.

Please help us Sony, the Satio is very close to being an absolute winner.

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Thank you for the specified review !
I have been reading somewhere - or was it an AAS podcast ? - Steve mentioned not having recieved an Satio from SE PR's , despite many requests . The poor guys can not afford a purchase .....
21) My Nokia can store a BT file on M.Card , with a selection pop-up .

Regards jApi NL

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Beer urms ..

30. ** No 'CLEAR' or 'C' key like Nokia S60 phones. This has a big implications in that I've realised when you gold down the menu button to view running apps, there is no way to close the the app from the 'running apps' list. You have to select the app and go to it and follow the exiting procedure. This is long winded. Also when some apps are crashed you have to reboot the phone where as on Nokia S60 phones you could hit 'C' and most of the time the app would shut from the running apps list.

-- hit/hold the middle key - brings up running apps .. select the one you want to close .. or swap to .. hold on that should bring up Open/Exit


great, satio, things

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