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I bought Sagatek 256 MB MMC card on ebay and it does not work. When I put the card in, I get the message "memory card damaged". It formats the card and when it finished, I get the message "system fault". Can anybody help solve this problem ?

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Originally Posted by DeadcandancE
bought two days ago Kingston MMC 128Mb, but in my N-Gage shows 122Mb can be used only! And why I drag a MP3 in it through USB cable for the first try. But In tools/Manager/ I can't see anything but showing 'No data' !!! Who can help me?
your memory card is therefore not working try formating the memory card it may be corrupt if not send it back

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Response To Your Concern

Originally Posted by marcus90509
can i insert a secure digital card into my n-gage or i must buy mmc
there are some dimensions difference or is it all ok
YES!!!!!!!!!! You must use a MMC once stands for Multimedia Memory Card. there are different types of cards for different electronics devices/equipments but the one that is MMC regardless of the brand will do the work. I hope my response was to your satisfaction. I do not live in England, I live in California, USA so I am not familiar with WS's or stores there. Good luck!!!!

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most people noticed that mp3player have a pb with MMC card above 128Mb, but I have the n-gage QD and there is no built-in MP3 player, but I've noticed something weird.
I have a kingmax 256 Mb MMC and it works perfectly when data is below 128 Mb. I filled the card up to 220 Mb and it seems to work fine too, but when I play a game or use an app that access a lot the MMC time to time it disconnect, I mean that the n-gage QD says that the MMC was disconnected without using the appropriate command (you have to ask the phone to disconnect the MMC before you get it out) and then immediatly reconnected it like you just insert it.
I deleted game that I didn't use and get below the 128 Mb limit and now I don't have any problem...

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Article Cards above 128MB

Yeah i heard about problems with cards larger than 128MB, that's y i decided to get a 128MB card... coz personally it was sufficient for short movies, some data, a little bit of MP3s/RMs and other misc stuff... Yeah Le Zouave i heard about that from a friend, and he's using a SmartMedia 256MB. He tells me that (don't take his word for it though) if u don't insert the card FULLY into the slot, just enough for the rubber cover to close over the slot, this problem doesn't occur as often? U're probably as surprised as i am after reading this... :?
I'm personally using a NAND 128MB card, watever that brand is it's serving me well coz i've had no problems with it so far, plus it was quite reasonably priced at about S$85 or US$40+?

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It's try your friend method, dranXX, I see the trick but I think it's really a matter of the n-gage QD to support MMC over 128.
Anyway I paid the MMC 52, it's not a lot, maybe I'll take later a fully tested 512 MMC.

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NCP Hexok 256 mb OK!

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Angry Damn...

Transcend 128MB works fine but my Pretec 512MB gives an error in N-Gage QD 'Memory card corrupted'. The 512 MMC card works fine with a USB card reader. And guess what? I'm pissed!

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Compatible MMC

Hi guys. Ridata 256MB MMC 33 GBP from eBay works fine. However need to restard/back up device memory after disconnecting USB port as half of the icons go missing. AFAIK that's the only time that happens.

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Kingmax 256MB - NGAGE

Formatted MMC with card reader then with NGAGE. After format, fone gave "Memory Card Corrupted" message. Connected DKE-2 cable into PC and formatted with FAT file system. Works OK after that.

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Is this a good mmc-card for N-gage?

MM Card 128MB
Multi Media Card TwinMOS

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I bought 256MB Integral from Totenham Court Road,
It ran fine - the first thing I did was to format the blank card which took 15-20 mins
Now runs OK


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MMC Manufacturer compatibility

I've been doing some hunting around for multimedia cards. I've found that online retailers do not allow returns of products that are incompatible. I assume from reading these forums that I will have potential difficulties selecting a multimedia card that is compatible with my new n-gage. So I have been hunting around for straight from the manufacturer compatibility lists. What I have found and may be of some use to those who need to return MMC that do not work with the n-gage and are confronted by retailers who say they should have checked the compatibility first:

Verbatim and Pretec: then click on this link

Billionton: List the n-gage as compatible with their MMCs

I do not know for sure, but I have heard many MMCs are rebadged Billlion cards.

If anyone else can find manufacturer compatibility lists it would broaden the possibility of MMC choice and returns to retailers.

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does this memory card work? SST 64mb?

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According to the official nokia n-gage website , the n-gage supports mmc up to 512MB.


cards, mmc, tested

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