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Video Calling on Symbian^3

I am new to Symbian^3, I bought a Nokia E7 it has Anna update.
It is my wife's phone, got it last week and I have the Galaxy2.
Her Phone Nokia E7 is a great phone, about twice the battery life of my phone. Great call quality, really fast, I have gmail w/contact and calendar sync, the maps navi is the best, good web browser, not great but good enough, and great keyboard. i get almost 6MB Download speed on TMobile USA, so over all i am pretty happy
The only thing i can't get right is the video chat between the E7 and my Android phone. I am using Fring, but it works but the video quality coming from the E7 is really poor and i get a message on my phone(the Android one) say the other phone(E7) is using old software, but i have the newest Fring on both phones.
Skype is no help as it wont support Video call on Symbian^3. Same goes for Tango, no Symbian^3 support.
On the E7 there is an option to video call the other phone directly form the addressbook but i get a message saying the other phone does not support this feature.

I am new to Nokia and really like the hardware and software, and was hoping one of you guys with more experience and help me out.
At least it works, would love to get working right.
As i use it for video calling with my 3 year old son.

Thanks for an help in advance,.

BTW Windows Phone OS i believe was a big mistake and very sad choice by Nokia. Hopefully it flops and they bring back Meego.

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Video calls are part of the 3G standard. These are the type of calls that your Nokia phone supports directly from the phone book. The good thing about them is that the other party needn't sign up to any chat system, needn't be online, needn't even be on the same network as you. You just dial their phone number... as simple as that.

The disadvantage is that less advanced phones don't support this feature of the 3G standard. That leads you to the situation you find yourself in: non-standard, incompatible solutions that only work under certain conditions.

Solutions? Make your folks buy a standards compliant phone. Or search for a 3rd party application that implements 3G video calls. (I have heard that such applications are available for some, but not all Android phones.)

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me and my Dad use Fring to communicate.
He has a N8 I have a E7 and my Son has a C7. everyone gets good reception.
I'm thinking the Symbian version is either of a different Versioning number system, and hence the Android version thinks it's old.
Or it IS old and Fring needs to update it

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